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Family Children From San Antonio, Shower Accident

I can’t remember when it was that I fell head first into the bathtub and injured my head so terribly. Is it possible that fall has now come back to haunt me?

I’ll take this opportunity AGAIN, to remind you kids to be very CAREFUL when showering. On that horrible day, I was outside the tub, with my left hand on the side of the tub, as my right arm was extended to the left, checking the water temperature when my right hand slipped and I fell head first (side of my temple), hitting the knob, then the water spout, then smack into the tub itself! It took forever for the giant egg, and the black, blue and yellow bruises to heal!

I hope to God all these things that I’m feeling, are because of the summer cold I’ve caught. How funny, I haven’t caught a winter cold in about 3 years, thanks to my belief in vitamins, and constant intake of vitamin C during the winter months! Remember when Timmy caught pink eye, a chest cold and that terrible cough, and I had to take him to Beaumont Hospital? He gave it to me, huh?! :o(

I still have 2 prescriptions in my purse that my doctor gave me, Amoxicillin and another for the nausea. I didn’t get the Cranial CT Scan that I was supposed to get by noon at the hospital. I won’t go into the sordid details why I didn’t get the scan, or why I didn’t fill the prescription, only to say that it all had to do with the fact that I got all confused, and found myself at the wrong place. I told myself the hell with it, but I did call to explain why I hadn’t made it, and was given another appointment for tomorrow at 9:00. Let’s see how I explain this to my Boss!

I’m glad I didn’t make this post an hour ago, because I was feeling very depressed and sorry for myself! How disgusting of me! I went outside and looked at the kids playing with the dogs, I went to the front, and saw all my cats looking at me as if I were a leg of chicken, and all the smiles came back instantly. I despise wet noodles, and I’ll be damned if I become one, too!

Grandpa and I made a big pot of Spaghetti and meatballs, and I managed to take a pic of the baby eating it with gusto! Panchito and Jewely were very happy, because they got to eat the droppings from the floor!

I already have my trapper ready, and have made a call to my vet, and will try to catch the ONE cat that I somehow missed from capturing and having fixed! Please don’t quote me, but I believe it’s been something like 19 stray cats that I’ve had spayed, neutered, and micro-chipped! I’ve kind of lost count! She’s the one, who recently had FIVE more kittens, and she has NOT been a good mother at all, because she never licked the kittens little eyes, so Grandpa and I have been the ones to wash them just about everyday since they were born. I didn’t realize it until recently, but there’s this tiny one who never fully developed that has little eyes that are only little dried up balls. Grandpa and I feed it with a little eye dropper, and I bought a little kitty litter so he won’t have to go down from the front porch. I tried to keep him inside, but he’s very much afraid of Panchito and Jewely, and doesn’t realize that they wouldn’t hurt him at all. This kitten is half the size of the other ones.

I’d like to share with you something STRANGE that happened the other morning. I was doing some work on my computer, when I heard BANGS and strange sounds coming from my front screen door. I went to see what was going on, and I saw 3 cats crawling to the very top of it. This was strange, because they had never done this before. I turned around and went back to my computer. Again, I heard the banging and strange sounds, so I got up and found that they were staring at me as the clung to the screen. I went and opened the door, and found 2 SURPRISES! There were 2 large intact dead pigeons at my door step! They had brought me 2 gifts!! I just rolled my eyes up and told them thank you, but inside, I was crying, because I love birds just as much as I love cats, dogs and all animals. Brokenhearted, I picked them up and buried them in the back yard.

Tomorrow, I’ll post the pic of the baby eating spaghetti, and the tiny kitten.

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