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San Antonio, Cousin's Children With Me

1. Yes, they’re back! My cousin and her husband dropped their 3 kids off on Sunday, and then they both headed back to San Antonio. Her husband leaves for Iraq again today.

I really missed them, and am as happy as can be to have them back. They seem to be very happy, too! My cousin still has a little more to go, before she gets a clean bill of health and is able to care for her children again. I hope it happens before school starts, because one of them will be starting kindergarten, and the other will be going back to school. If they're still with me by then, I just don't know what I'm going to do to get them to school, but if need be, I'll find a solution with my boss. He's an ANGEL!

Grandpa and I got rid of every single one of my many dust collectors by packing them in boxes and putting them down in the basement. I never realized just how much of a pack rat I was! It will be much faster and easier to clean the house now, not to mention safer for the little kids!

2. I started feeling funny about 2 weeks ago. It started with a chill throughout my body, followed by sweats. A few days later, my throat started feeling like a sponge, and I started coughing terribly. I went to J-Town and bought some anti-biotics and cough syrup from the pharmacist there, and after taking them for a few days, my throat went back to normal, but the cough persisted. Then to add to all these ailments, I started feeling nauseated. Yesterday, I bent down to pick up something, and I suddenly felt a gigantic fire cracker go off inside my entire head. It was so powerful and painful that I had to sit down on the floor for quite a while, until the burning sensation subsided a little. I noticed that when I drove off to work in my car, I had to stop and think where I was. I felt kind of like when I was a kid and I’d twirl round and round, then suddenly stop, and the room continued going around and I just didn’t know which why was which. I have been super busy, and stressed out lately, and I have been hyperventilating more than usual. I feel a little better today, but my doctor, who happens to be one of my dear friends, squeezed me in today, and I’m to see her at 9:30 this morning. I had a male doctor before who was wonderful, but since my girlfriend recently completed her internship, and started her own practice, I felt I had to give her my business, not only because she’s my friend, but because she’s proven to be an excellent doctor!

I hope it isn’t anything too serious, because I have Grandpa, 3 little kids, 10 dogs, and NOW 24 cats and a turtle that depend on me! I’ll be sharing pics of the 5 kittens I decided to keep very soon. One of them was born without eyes, and it has affected me more than you’ll ever know!

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