Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
Playgirl's Mechanical World

My Money

I feel like a DOG. I feel so guilty, so ashamed!

One of my friends, BB and I, drove all the way to New Mexico yesterday. The building was enormous and extravagantly beautiful. The buffet consisted of whatever your little heart desired. Delicious! and Inexpensive! We sat next to the window where you could see a huge lake and the race track. I ate whatever my grimy little fingers could grab and had lots of ice cold Pepsi. They also had a nice looking bar as you exited the dining area and a little further down was the gambling casino. It was packed. I had never in my life got to a gambling casino so I entered with my eyes popping out of their sockets. The noise was constant and the kind of sound I'd never heard before.

BB had been there before, so she knew all the ropes, so to speak. I saw oodles of machines going ding ding, constantly. The people, from very young to very old, seemed to be in a trance. They CONSTANTLY added money and constantly poked buttons with their fingers. They didn't seem to be enjoying themselves at all. Infact, their bodies seem tense, with a sinister look on their faces. They looked like little robots. I even saw many playing 2 machines at the same time!

BB tried to sit in one of the chairs, but this woman stood right in between the 2 machines as she played both. She wouldn't move, so BB gave her a little shove and sat me the chair. The rules are that you can only play one at a time. I'm glad the woman decided to stay in her own chair only, because I know she could of beaten the hell out of both of us. BB showed me how to play. I added a $20.00 bill and I started poking the silly little buttons and in about a minute or 2, my $20.00 bill was GONE forever. We then went to another little machine because BB said that maybe the other one didn't work right. We sat and again I added another $20.00 bill and it was GONE in an instant! By and by, BB was adding her money, also, and losing. Again, I added another $20.00 bill and POOF it was gone. I can't believe I added ANOTHER $20.00 bill and was about half way losing it, when I came to my senses and pushed a button to give me back the remainder of my money, which was $10.00. I got it all in QUARTERS!!

Finally, I told BB that I was not going to bet anymore money because I'd lost $70.00 in a twinkle of an eye and I hadn't even had fun at all. We both got up and started to walk around for about an hour, looking at everyone playing. Many of them played CONSTANTLY and at the $1.00 machines. They wouldn't stop and the look on their faces scared the hell out of me. THEY WERE ADDICTED!!!! I looked at the noisy little machines and suddenly they looked like DEMONS to me. All the gamblers were in a trance, they didn't know or could of cared less what was going on around them. Their obsession was with the machine. If I lost $70.00 in a few minutes, I hate to imagine how much these people lost.

We got the hell out of there and I know for a fact that I will NEVER bet not even a quarter in those horrible machines. I feel so badly, for throwing away $70.00 of my hard earned money. I could have used that money for so many other worthy things.

About 5 of us have already plans to go to Las Vegas in August. I've never been there before. I know one thing, I will not add even a quarter to any machine there. I'll just go to the shows.

I feel so ashamed that I lost that money in the way I did. NEVER again!

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