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I have so many pictures to share with you of the Holyfield vs Savarese fight. I’ll post a few at a time. Cameras weren’t allowed in the place, but I took my anyway and was able to take many TREASURED pics. I even pushed one of my brothers into Rodriquez and Dyers dressing room to sneak a couple of pics!! I got to touch Holyfields hand! I'll explain later, but I'll never wash my right hand again!!

I’ve had full house with a total of 11 people sleeping in. I have 3 large sofas, 2 loveseats, a California size bed, a queen size bed and a twin bed, and still had to buy 2 inflatable mattresses for all these people to sleep in!

My cousin and her husband, along with the 3 kids left for San Antonio this morning. The kids will be back in about 2 weeks again. Three of my brothers are still staying with me.


Twelve of us, including the kids and my Dad, went to this restaurant in Juarez to eat some Mexican food. When we finished, we asked the waiter for the bill, and my Dad went to the cashier and paid. We left a tip, went to the van and took off. About a quarter of a mile, we noticed this guy tailgating us and blowing non-stop on his car horn. We stopped to see what his problem was. We noticed it was the waiter from the restaurant, as he got off his car and ran toward us, and accused us of not paying for our bill. We told him we had, and he insisted we hadn’t. We told him we’d follow him back to the restaurant to prove we had paid. When we got there, we all went inside and walked up to the cashier. The waiter told him we were the ones who hadn’t paid. The cashier told him that we HAD paid the bill. The waiter looked surprised then walked away without even apologizing.

What a horrible little man! We all walked out angry and embarrassed!

I deleted a bunch of LJ friends, and added a bunch of new ones I found interesting. If you wish to be deleted, let me know

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"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."
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