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Frivolous Lawsuits - Starburst Candies

We have yet another ridiculous lawsuit from a woman by the name of Victoria McArthur who claims Starburst Candies permanently caused personal injuries to her jaw. She's suing for $25,000.00.

I can see why so many companies are moving to other countries.

There was a time when I became friends with this woman who would visit me on and off. When I found out she had sued the apartment complex she lives in because she had slip and slipped down 3 steps, and that she had sued a company for 1 million dollars (she lost) for not hiring her because she was a minority, and had sued a department store for slipping when she had gotten of the escalator, and had sued the owner of a motorcycle in which she was a passenger when a car bumped into them, I told her to leave my house and never come back!! I have cats, dogs, and 3 stairs that must be taken to enter my house. There's no way I'm going to take chances with this sue crazy bitch planning an accident and suing me!

Why are frivolous lawsuits allowed to continue, and why Why do lawyers accept these types of lawsuits?

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