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Gift from dlanor

I just got back from the Post Office and found a large box full of OLD newspaper treasures from the past, treasures that must be shared with pics!

[info]dlanor, what a wonderful surprise! NEVER! Did I expect anything like this!

With all my love, THANK YOU!

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Jun. 27th, 2007 04:20 am (UTC)
I think old newspapers are great I really get a kick out of the articles and the ads ;o) I can not wait to see some of them :o)
Jun. 27th, 2007 03:51 pm (UTC)
Sweety Pie!
I've been trying to enter your LJ, but have been unsucessful!

I will definitely be sharing pictures and articles from these newspapers dated since 1932!!
Jun. 27th, 2007 04:59 am (UTC)
Ron is wonderful about sending unusual gifts that are unexpected and well thought out. He has sent me a few things over the years and I recommend you look at the stamps on the envelopes. He has with intent sent me many unusual stamps. The guy just has it goin' on.
Jun. 27th, 2007 08:07 pm (UTC)
He sure is! He was going to send me ONE newspaper, but when I opened the large heavy box, I found countless more wonderful things in the box!

I wonder if he'd be willing to be Best Man at our wedding?! :o)

I'm going to keep an eye out at the 2nd hand store for a cute cane, and if I find one, I'll send it to you to add to your collection!
Jun. 28th, 2007 04:43 am (UTC)
Instead of a cane why don't you just fly up here for a long weekend and hold my hand? LOL You could meet Mystic Pickle and TheBigTomato hell we might even be able to talk Alice, Kristen, and Neal into coming out of the woodwork.
Jun. 27th, 2007 10:02 am (UTC)
Never enough.
Kind Princess,
this is my very first time here, and I must confess I have been overwhelmed by the amount of your interests. I definitely LOVE animals the way you do, and respect them to the point of being a vegetarian. I believe that our involvement in social aspects of life should be more and that opinions should be regarded as precious and worth of attention, it doesn't matter their nature and difference.
But, please, don't say again that someone may get bored because he has the chance to see your legs for the umpteenth time: it is never enough, believe me!
Best regards,
Jun. 27th, 2007 09:47 pm (UTC)
Re: Never enough.
How sweet you are to express the things you have. I really appreciate it!

Anybody who loves animals is a friend of mine! I love them dearly, but I'm ashamed to admit that I love beef and fish. I've tried on many ocassions to become a vegetarian like you, but just as soon as I get a whiff of beef, I fail terribly! I know it isn't much, but I do everything in my power to buy only man made items when it comes to dressing myself.

Hugs Frank!

Jun. 27th, 2007 10:03 pm (UTC)
Wow, I am glad you like it. Take your time and enjoy.
The pleasure is all mine.
Jun. 27th, 2007 10:15 pm (UTC)
Squeezing you to death with bear hugs!! :o)
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