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Her children are with me - San Antonio

Timmy is a pseudo name I’ve chosen for this little 5 year old, because if I ever have a little boy of my own, that’s what I’ll name him, and if I should ever have THREE, I’ll name the others Jimmy, and Willy! :o)

All three kids are as sweet as can be, and they are following my rules without a peep, rules such as not tearing the house down!

We went MacDonald’s and they had a Happy Meal, and I had one too, because I wanted a little toy also! As you can see, Timmy’s face is still smudged with catsup. They've already made me promise to take them tomorrow again for dinner!!

I’m turning into a kid myself, and pretty soon I’ll be looking like a Penguin, because I made the mistake of buying them the Happy Feet DVD, and I found this little CLUB PENGUIN game on the web where they insist I play with them CONSTANTLY! All the stuffed toys you see in the pic were purchased at the 2nd hand store for a total of $10.00. I also bought them this giant wagon full of giant Lego’s, and my dear friend Lolly, brought them a bunch of puzzles.

Believe it or not, but Playgirl loves classical music, so I bought them this Smart Symphonies CD at the flea market, so they’ll learn to enjoy this type of music. I’m also teaching them how to play the piano. Perhaps I’ll create our next Mozart!

I HAVE A SERIOUS QUESTION. Timmy woke up this morning with some sniffles, and his eyes were red and full of goop. I’ve posted his picture to show you how red his eyes are. Does it look like he has Pink Eye? If his eyes are still red by tomorrow, I’m going to dash over to Juarez, Mexico and ask the pharmacist to sell me some ointment for it. Or do you think I should take him to the hospital? He seems happy, but I’m a little worried about this.

I’m amazed at how modest Jimmy, the 7 year old is, because insists on taking a shower all by himself without me even coming near him! I finally learned a new technique for giving Timmy baby Willy their bath. I just pour lots of bubbles into the tub, put on my bathing suit, grab a rubber ducky and get into the tub with them and scrub them good! :o)

I’m afraid I’m starting to like way too much, this new career of playing Mommy! Although, I’m praying for their mother’s quick recovery, I already realize I’m going to be heartbroken when they someday leave.


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