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Paris Hilton Spoiled Rotten

I must express the way I feel about Paris Hilton for the LAST time!

There are some on the news media who are defending Paris Hilton’s irresponsible behavior by stating that she never killed anyone while she drove under the influence of alcohol. I’m sure they’d be singing a different tune, were they to lose one of their loved because of a DRUNK driver!

What these people have to realize is that DWI is NOT a minor offense, nor was it a minor offense the day Hilton broke her probation and was caught driving 70 mph at night without her lights on. I honestly believe this woman would have eventually killed someone, had she not been stopped by the police when she was. Another thing, how many times had she done these things, but was lucky enough to never get caught? Many times I’m sure!

People like Geraldo Rivera are saying she didn’t deserve the punishment she got, and that we all hate her because we ENVY her. No Mr. Rivera, we don’t ENVY her, nor do we hate her, we hate the fact that she chose to drive her car knowing full well that she was drunk, and was caught driving twice with a suspended license.

She kept the court waiting half hour, she and her mother were rude to the judge, and she refused to accept the ruling of the court for her deadly actions, and manipulated the system by being released from jail after her 3rd day in jail. The only reason she succeed in making a mockery of our court system in just a FEW days, is because she is extremely rich. Hopefully, the court will now say, THE BUCK STOPS HERE to all these people!

Many of you know that one of my causes in life is visiting inmates, once a year, who add me to their list in prison. One of these inmates was imprisoned because he was caught DWI on two separate occasions. A year later, they found he had cancer of the liver. He started deteriorating at an incredibly fast pace. His family asked for permission to take him home so he could die there. The answer was NO! A couple of weeks later he died in prison.

Of course, I’m not a shrink, but I find it impossible for a woman to party just about every night of the week, and then SUDDENLY have a little nervous break down after serving 3 days in jail! Not only has this woman made a mockery of the court system, but she has also done so with those who truly suffer from severe depression!

Driving while intoxicated deaths are growing at an alarming rate by the day which should be everybody’s concern. Anybody caught driving while drunk MUST pay the consequences, INCLUDING high profile celebrity and sports figures.

I believe I read somewhere that every two on coming cars out of 10 approaching us at on a week-end at night, are drunk! Drunk driving should not be tolerated, and I believe the maximum punishment should be given those who have no regard for the life of others.
This is the only way we can all finally get this crucial message out, that those who choose to drive DWI, will pay dearly when caught.

Nobody should be above the law, not even Ms. Hilton.

I will not comment on this topic any further.


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Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

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