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NO Pity For This Irresponsible Woman!

NO Pity For This Irresponsible Woman!

This woman ran over a man while driving her car while under the influence of drugs.
When she hit him, he crashed right into her windshield. This stupid, uncaring woman who was a nurses aide, drove to her home and parked her car while the poor man was stuck in the windshield. His leg was just about amputated and he bleed to death. She did nothing to help him. It is believed that he was alive for about an hour and kept pleading with her to help him.

Then she called an ex-boyfriend, who had just gotten out on parole, to help her. The fool and another poor idiot went to her house, put the body in their car and went and dumped the body in a park.

This despicable woman who was only concerned for her own self, caused a homeless man to die in a most horrific manner, plus she is the cause for 2 men going to prison for 10 years.

These are the things that can happen when you decide to drink liquor or take drugs, then drive. This woman deserves to go to prison for the rest of her life. I'm always compassionate toward criminals on trail, but I have no pity for this one.

This is the perfect example of ruining your life, when a friend asks you to help in some illegal act committed. We should listen to our gut instinct, when it tells us this is a dangerous situation. The ex-boyfriend should of told her NO! I will NOT help you. Plus, he should of called for help immediately!

4 lives have been ruined because this irresponsible woman consumed drugs and was too concerned about herself ONLY.

Oh, how I love Courtv!!

Courtv - Woman goes on trial for hitting homeless man
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