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Paris Hilton Is A Disgraceful Bitch

I'm laughing, because if I cry, I'll never be able to stop! What hypocrisy! There's absolutely no doubt about it now; there IS a double standard when it comes to our judicial system after all!

Today, the judicial system finally showed its true colors, once and for all, by exposing itself to hold a double standard in our society when it comes to the laws of the land, and that that money CAN buy everything, even justice! Why go to a circus, when all we have to do is go to a court of law? Hope they're selling peanuts and popcorn!

By golly!! I feel the time has come to change and alter the image of that poor blindfolded lady who holds a pair of scales in one hand, and a sword in the other, depicting that justice is IMPARTIAL and EQUAL for all its citizens! Why not add a second little character standing right next to our so called Lady of Justice, lining his pockets with oodles of money? And while were at it, lets add a BIG pile of dollar bills to one of those so called scales of justice.

Paris Hilton proved today, that she IS a disgraceful BITCH who IS above the law of this country! I HONESTLY can’t imagine she’ll have the gall to prance her ass in front of the media again!!

Hmmm… and to think that our soldiers, including my brother, are in Iraq fighting for EQUAL LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!

SERIOUSLY! Never have I felt as nauseated as I do right now. Please excuse me, because I have to barf!

Paris Hilton,
you're an:


Join The NRA

"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."
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