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Paris Hilton's Psychiatrist

I’m experiencing feelings for Paris Hilton I never dreamt I would! I feel sorry for her! Hilton! Yes, I feel sorry for a 26 year old woman who is among the richest in the world!

It seems Paris Hilton isn’t taking incarceration very well, and is getting little bouts of depression, which has her personal psychiatrist running back and forth to her cell. Paris is complaining that she’s freezing in her cell, she’s scared, and hasn’t been able to eat or sleep. She is grateful for having been allowed to keep her hair extensions, which I had no idea she wore!

I pray to God that she forever remains filthy rich, because she just wouldn’t survive in this world, were she to become a regular middle class woman like the rest of us folks.

Paris is prime example as to why parents shouldn’t hand on a silver platter everything to their children demand. Parents, who raise their children with tough love, make strong adults out of their children, instead of wet noodles.

Do you suddenly feel sorry for Paris Hilton as I do? Why?

I've changed my mind! I don't feel sorry for her!

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Jun. 7th, 2007 07:15 am (UTC)
Re: Old Gun
Well it does shoot and it is a shotgun but I got it as an investment
And it will be a wall hanger more then likely,
I have had a lot of people interested in buying it from me
At some very interesting offers so I thought I had
Better find out what it is really worth but thanks for your comment and if you know any more about it or where I can find something on its worth let me know :o)

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