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I thoroughly disliked this woman, from the moment I laid eyes on her. I thought her to be loud, rude and crude, and just someone I would NEVER, EVER trust.

Her name is Debra Opri. She was Larry Birkhead's lawyer during the paternity battle over Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, Dannielynn, with Howard Sterns.

Although, Larry Birkhead terminated Debra Opri's services a month before his court date, she says she was responsible for obtaining everything he needed in court.

Larry Birkhead is NOT a wealthy man, but still she sent him a bill of more than $650,000!!

Just look at the outrageously frivolous items she has billed him for:

- A total of three $1,500 monthly charges for Luck Media & Marketing, Opri's personal publicist.

- On March 1, 2007, the day before Anna's funeral, there is a charge of 10 hours for "preparation for and attendance in Bahamas re services and var. meetings re same." On the day of Anna's funeral, there is another 10 hour charge with the exact same language. Ironically, TMZ knows Birkhead asked Opri not to even attend the funeral, but she did anyway. On March 3, Opri charged yet another 10 hours for travel from Nassau back to L.A.

- On February 24, 2007, while Opri and Birkhead stayed at a private residence in Ft. Lauderdale during the Florida hearing, Opri billed $600 for Seafood World. We're told she brought four trays of lobster to the house. The bill says, "Dinner gift/Ft. Lauderdale house stay." But it was no gift to Larry. That same day, she billed $211 for items at Publix grocery store.

- March 8, 2007, Opri billed $161.65 for an Outback Steakhouse dinner. And get this - the bill was for $111.65. Opri left a $50 tip and billed Birkhead, who wasn't even there!

- Opri billed Birkhead $4,265 for Cingular roaming service while she was in the Bahamas.

- Opri billed Birkhead 18 times for Diva Limos that took them to and from the Ft. Lauderdale courthouse to the private residence.

- October 22, 2006, Opri billed Birkhead $1,116.16 for a dinner at Graycliff, a restaurant in Nassau. The note next to the charge is "Alexiou atty mtg." Alexiou is Birkhead's lawyer in the Bahamas. Birkhead was not present.

- The next day, October 23, Opri billed $2,467.75 at Graycliff restaurant for another meal. The charge again was for "Alexiou atty mtg." Again, Birkhead was not present.

- Also on October 23, Birkhead was billed $25.75. The item - "laundry service Zawacki." Zawacki is Opri's husband, who was present on the trip.

Perhaps I'm being too harsh, but she's got that type of face I itch to slap with a feather. I find this unethical woman to be a BLOODSUCKER (MONEY SUCKER) of the worst kind.

What are YOUR thoughts?

Debra Opri Bills Larry Birkhead $650,000

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