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Darth Vader is standing right next to me while
I'm trying to kiss this adorable little guy!

1. I spent Memorial week-end in San Fransico and returned back home Tuesday evening. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and took MANY pictures that I'm sure you'll
enjoy, and will post a few at a time with each future posts I make.

I'm still working on the Bogota, Colombia pictures and hope to have those web pages completed soon.

Rude Drivers

2. I'm pretty mild tempered, but there are a few things that set me off terribly!

Today’s example: I'm going down the Border Freeway which has only two lanes. I set my cruise control at 70 mph (speed limit is 60 mph). I then decide I want to pass the car in front of me, because he's going too slow, so I change to the passing lane, but can't pass because this jerk is driving on it at the exact speed limit (60) and won't move. I try to give him a little hint by tailgating him so he can MOOOOVEEE!! But he doesn't! So, I have to change to the other lane again and pass HIM to get to the passing lane again! I of course honk the hell out of my car horn as I'm doing this, then he decides to tailgate me non-stop!

Why are some people are so RUDE?!

Heavyweight Championship, Holyfield, Savarese, Rodriguez, Dyer

Evander Holyfield is coming to El Paso to fight Savarese in June 30, and (OMG!) my boss bought ringside tickets for the two of us!

David "nino" Rodriguez will be there also, fighting "big" Rick Dyer!

Since I'm so GREAT at picking boxing winners, I'm going to study these boxers, and will let you know who WILL win!

If they permit pictures to be taken, I'll take LOTS of them to share with you all!

This has to be among the sickest things I've ever heard of, and it really turned my stomach! What was this jerk thinking?

Semen Salad Dressing

Playgirl's Techno Music

Join The NRA

"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."
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