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Town Administrator Fires Gossiping Women Employees

Four women were fired for gossiping about the town administrator and another employee having an affair which was not true. Now they're suing to get their jobs back.

I personally know how damaging gossip can be. I once made an application with the Texas Employment Commission. I took the required examination and passed it, and got the job for a temporary position which lasted three months.

I had 3 high school girlfriends at that time, who I considered to be good friends. I later found out that they had been gossiping about me by saying that I had gotten the job because I had slept with the man who had hired me. This was not true, and no words can convey how deeply their gossip hurt me. It took me a very long time to get over it. One day, one of them called me on the phone apologizing. It seems she had gone to the priest and confessed what she had done, and he told her that the only way God would forgive her was if she asked me personally to forgive her. I forgave her, but I never again had anything to do with the Three Black Widow Spiders.

I have no proof, but I seriously suspect my boss and I are being gossiped about at work, and if they are, it isn't true.

So, my answer to my own question is, yes, the town administrator was right in firing those gossiping women.

Do you feel it was right to fire these four women or not? Why?

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