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Goofed, 2nd Hand Shop, Mug, Gumball Machines

First of all, it sure does look like I goofed in yesterdays pollution post! :o(

I went to the 2nd hand store last week, and spotted this cute coffee mug sitting on top of one of the many shelves.

I walk up toward it to get a better view and was just about to grab it, when someone shoved me a few feet back. I turned quickly to see who had pushed me in such a vicious way, and saw these two women start attacking each other violently. They were both yanking as each others hair, then this other woman who had a baby in her arms joined in the fight, then more women joined in. There must have been a total of 10 women. It was horrible!

They were getting dangerously close to the coffee mug, so I quickly took a couple of steps forward, grabbed it, and got the hell out of there!

It was the very first time in my life that I actually saw a fight of this nature among women happen in a store. The male employees quickly approached them and tried to separate them, but it was impossible because they found themselves getting attacked, also.

I have no idea what happened next, because I quickly paid for my mug and left!

This is the adorable mug I saved from those horrible women!

Oh, and before the brawl started, I found 2 gumball machines to add to my growing collection, and one of them is a Scooby-Doo gumball machine!!!!

These are the two new ones I found!

My gumball collection.

Here they are scrubbed, and filled with gumballs perchased at the Dollar Store! The plastic one in the middle was given to me by my friend Lolly for Christmas.

Someday, I hope to buy myself a Red Lamborghini, so anyone who visits me, either friend or foe, must buy one gumball for a quarter from each and every one of my gumballs!

I must find many more gumball machines!! :o)

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"It's not the bullet with my name on it that worries me.
It's the one that says "To whom it may concern."
- Unknown

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