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Backyard Flagstone Screwed


Little did I realize that I’d be inviting so much stress into my life when I saw this Sunhouse Gazebo at Sam's Club and bought it.

I then decided I might as well have this old tin storage shed removed, and have the old unsightly cement it stood on replaced.

I went to this place where they sell Flagstone, just to check it out, when I saw this man loading some of it into his old pickup truck. I approached him and asked if he knew how to work with it, and he said yes. I gave him my address and told him to go to my house and give me an estimate, and he did.

This is the Flagstone which comes from Arizona.

This is the estimate he gave me on April 16, 2007
which was to be completed on April 21, 2007:
Total - $3,000.00

1. Remove the old tin store room.
2. Tear up the old cement.
3. Replace it with a 15X20 concrete slab.
4. Cover my other existing old concrete with 32x27 area with Flagstone.

I went to the bank and got a loan.

He came the next day and asked me for a down payment, and I told him I'd only give him $300.00 since he was a total stranger. He agreed.

He came with his wife, and brought a few pieces of Flagstone and 6 bags of cement. He then told me he would need at least $700.00 more. I got angry at him and told him that I didn't trust him at all, because honest construction workers did NOT exist. He got upset with me and told me that "he didn't work that way." After a bit of arguing between the two of us, I decided to give him the $700.00. I didn't hear from him for about two days. I was sweating, and made a post of anger, frustration and fright in my LJ about being scammed, but later deleted it because the man called.

Finally, he came with three other men, and a HUGE professional truck with already mixed cement that must have weighed a 1000 elephants!! The truck was just about to enter my driveway, which I had made last year and had cost me an arm and a leg, when I ran out and told him not to dare enter because his truck was going to destroy my driveway.

The man I hired, I'll call him Joe Blow, wasn't too happy I'd stopped the truck from entering, so he had to have his three men go back and forth to the front street, and have the wheel barrels filled. This of course, did not work, so Joe Blow had to rent a bobcat to carry the
cement and dump it where my gazebo is to go. Finally, he finished with that project. He left my beautiful driveway all spattered with big chunks of cement!

The next day, he started on the Flagstone and was able to cover just a small section. Again, he asked me for more money because he said the Flagstone was very expensive, and that he had to buy some more cement. I know this sounds ridiculous, but he and I stopped giving each other the eye of the TIGER, and I started trusting him, because when I gave him another $1,000.00, I had made a mistake and thought I had given him $600.00 instead of $700.00 last time, and he brought it to my attention, and besides, I saw he had this little sticky on the back of his trucks windshield, "Jesus Is Lord."

By now, I had given him a total of $2,500.00 cash, and owed him $500.00. I had to cancel going to San Antonio for the Fiesta Festival that weekend, because I didn't want to leave Grandpa alone with the man. He had come that Friday, with one truck load of Flagstone, and on Saturday with another one, and left! The job is barely 1/4 finished, and it was already the 30th of April!

Joe Blow managed to put much more of the Flagstone, but told me that he had UNDERESTIMATED the project, and was working for free! I honestly believed it was true, because the Flagstone is very expensive, but did tell him how in the world could he have made such a terrible mistake?! I ended up agreeing and told him that I would never exploit anyone, and to give me another estimate, but not to exploit me and to be fair!

The the amount for the job to be completed wasn't $3,000.00 anymore, but was now $5,6020.00. I agreed, and went to the bank for a 2nd time and got another loan!!

The job was finally competed yesterday (May 6, 2007)!!!!

I never realized that when I bought my Sunhouse Gazebo, it would end up costing me an arm and a leg! Had I known, I would have had it covered with brick!!

They removed old tin shed from in between trees.

This was to be filled with a 15X20 concrete slab.

They must cover this existing 32x27 old concrete area with Flagstone.

They finished adding the 15x20 slab of concrete to the rear of this pic.

Start of Flagstone which took FOREVER!!

This gazebo box ended up costing me an arm and a leg!!!

I do not like that red stuff!

Job completed.

Job completed.

Job completed.

Grandpa and I have started putting up the Sun Gazebo. The Gazebo is very big and were worried at first that it would be bigger than the slab of concrete, but much to our relief, it will fit.

The man sure did leave a filthy mess. The brand new slab of concrete he made was stained beyond repair, and he left my once clean and beautiful PUNCHING BAG covered with that horrible grout!!

This is my punching bag. I pound on it at the end of each day to get all my daily frustrations out of my system!! heeee :o)

Now tell me honestly kids and you WILL NOT hurt my feelings, but did this man do a horrible job for $5,620.00?!

I’ll have to work my butt off more than ever to pay off the loan! :o(

I personally am totally dissatisfied!

There's a saying in Spanish that goes, "Lo barato sale caro!" "What's cheap turns out to be expensive in the end!"

Should I have hired a bonded company with professionals?

I'll show pics when I've had the yard cleaned and the Sun Gazebo UP completely!
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