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Boxing, Smear Tactics, Repubicans, Democrats

Nothing but death will keep me from watching the "Pitter Patter" of my heart, Oscar de la Hoya fight Floyd Mayweather Jr., this evening, and will be watching it with a bunch of my friends on Pay Per View at a friends house.

As much as I love my baby, Oscar de la Hoya, I predict he will lose to Mayweather by a decision!

Republicans, Democrats

To all who were so sweet and left their input to my question about the Presidential Debate question in my last post, thank you! I read you all very carefully, and thanks to YOU, I finally came to a conclusion.

Pat Buchanan, Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, Shaun Hannity, Dick Morris, Chris Wallace, President Bush, and Fox News are also responsible for finding that there is no way in hell I'll be voting for a Republican, and I WILL NOT change my mind anymore!

From here on out, I will pay close attention to whatever Obama and Clinton have to say, and will either vote for Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Al Gore if he runs.

Because Playgirl Is Loving YOU!
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