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Beheadings, Faces of Death

I have watched most of the live beheadings on videos, and all the “Faces of Death” videos which have shown a man eaten alive by crocodiles, a man put to death in the electric chair, where his eyes dripped down his cheeks, men’s limbs ripped off in Arabia, and many more gory things. I am able to pick up animals off the streets that have been run over and left as flat as a pancake. Just about everyone I know, can’t view, or much less touch these things.


I feel its best if you are able to see the actual horrors that happen throughout this world, that our world news censor, because one never knows when we encounter something horrific in this life, and if we do, we must remain calm!

There is a little Mexican magazine called “Alarma!” that contains pictures of dead bodies, due to murder, suicide, or train accidents. The pictures show the actual parts of amputated body parts. The front picture on the cover of one of these Alarma! Magazines in front of me, has a big picture of this poor man who was chopped in half by a train, happening that happens quite often by men and women from Juarez, Mexico trying to catch a train to enter the U.S.

I recommend you buy magazines like this one, and I promise you will be well prepared for the day, God forbid, that you accidentally encounter an animal, or human body parts.

This is a picture of one of my Alarma! magazines. WARNING! DO NOT CLICK, if you don’t have the stomach to view a real live picture of a CHOPPED UP MAN by a train.

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