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Pictures of Bogotá & Cartagena, Colombia

Bogotá & Cartagena, Colombia

These pics were taking from the airplane as I'm arriving. I've made them as small as possible so they'll download faster.

I will be adding MANY more here. Just as soon as I finish a web page about Colombia I'm working on, along with a small description of the pictures, I'll post the URL here for you to visit it.

I've also been to the Rio de Janeiro Carnaval in 2004. I regret with all my heart that I never took pictures because I didn't take my camera. The only thing I brought back was a coffee cup from the Hard Rock Cafe in Brazil. I LOVED Brazil and hope to go back again someday and live there!

This pic was taken from the tram.

PAGE ONE: Bogotá & Cartagena, Pictures

PAGE TWO: Bogotá & Cartagena, Pictures

PAGE THREE: Bogotá & Cartagena, Pictures

PAGE FOUR: Bogotá & Cartagena, Pictures

PAGE FIVE: Bogotá & Cartagena, Pictures

PAGE SIX: Bogotá & Cartagena, Pictures
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