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Bogotá Colombia, Virginia Tech Massacre, Firearms, Don Imus, Freedom of Speech

I got back yesterday from Bogotá, the capital of Colombia in South America. I’ll post pictures and a little write up about it at another time, because I find it unimportant for now.

I feel terrible for all those who were wounded and those who lost their lives in the Virginia Tech massacre. My thoughts and prayers are with their families and friends, and for ALL the students and staff at the university!

I have said it a million times that the only solution to this rampage of ongoing slaughter in schools, is to have school faculty volunteers, with nerves of steel, go through intensive firearms training. There should be an INTENSIVE background check on those who volunteer. There is NO other solution but this! I find it insane to have these signs posted in front of schools that advertise to potential killers that firearms are NOT permitted on school grounds. This alone makes every student, and staff SITTING DUCKS!

It angers me to hear the news media point fingers with accusations at the University of Virginia, but then this seems to be a disgusting trait of trying to find others at fault without even knowing the facts to begin with.

I have changed my mind AGAIN! I am now a REPUBLICAN. I also now love President Bush, Pat Buchanan, Geraldo Rivera, and Bill O’Reilly and MAYBE even that BIG mouth blonde woman with the Adams Apple. (Can’t recall her name right now)

Since I’m a firm believer of FREEDOM OF SPEECH, I’m terribly upset that Don Imus was fired from MSNBC and CBS. We, as Americans, must stop getting all soggy like wet noodles when some people state something we don’t like. I could care less what you call me! What I CARE for most is that YOU have a RIGHT to to say it!

By and by, I’ll be replying to those who were so sweet to comment in my last naughty post. :o)

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