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Bill O'Reilly, Geraldo Rivera Video, Racist

I'd like to express exactly the feelings that were instilled in me on the Bill O’Reilly and Geraldo Rivera Youtube video post I made yesterday. If you'd like to share your opinion, and it differs from mine, it's quite okay!

Most of you already know my stand on illegal aliens. God knows I AM 100% against people, no matter what their skin color, entering this country illegally!

I have been suspecting it for the longest time, but now I can now see it as plainly as I can see the nose on my face.

His eyes can no long hide what an evil and hateful man he is. Just take a good look at his eyes and tell me if I'm wrong! I have no doubt in my mind anymore that Bill O'Reilly is a racist. I have come to realize that this man makes it a point to sensationalize crimes committed by minorities. As of late, he's has it in for MEXICANS. He ALWAYS makes it a point to publicize and magnify a MILLION times over, any wrong doing a Mexican does in this country, all the while infusing more and more hatred into those damn trigger happy Minutemen to eventually start shooting and killing Mexicans crossing our borders!

Of course, I'm against anyone driving while intoxicated, and feel they should ALL be punished severely, but to hear this odious man talk, you'd think Mexican's were the ONLY people in this country who have driven while intoxicated and killed someone.

If this man had been illegally in this country from any other country besides Mexico, O'Reilly wouldn't have made a squeak.

I just found this link regarding the alcohol related fatalities in the Commonwealth of Virginia:

"since 1999, the number of alcohol-related fatalities has risen across the nation and in Virginia, in 2002, reaching 17,419 nationally and 371 locally."

Why hasn't Bill O'Reilly splattered on Fox News ALL the pictures of ALL those 371 people who have killed someone while driving under the influence of alcohol?! Why ONLY this ONE illegal Mexican? I'll tell you why, because he hates Mexican's and all minorities!!

Bill O'Reilly is also adamant about keeping our soldiers in Iraq. I do believe he has a nephew over there. I don't believe he's ever served in the Armed Forces, nor does he have a son or daughter over there. Although he proclaims himself to be a devout Catholic, I'm not even sure if the man is even married. If he is, will someone please let me know, because I'd like to bring out something else about this man in a later post?

I despise this man, and to think my friend Norma and I once had a terrible crush on him! I've recently tried watching cartoons, but have failed miserably, because I continue to be addicted to Fox News, and the ranting and ravings of this out of control man!

I've never cared for Geraldo Rivera, but in this case, I'd like to give him a big hug, because for ONCE, he stood up for what he believed, and wasn't a wet noodle "Yes, I agree" man with Bill-O!

For those who didn't see the video in my prior post, here it is AGAIN:

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