Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
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Time Warner Hell

YUP! I drove as fast as I could to my local Time Warner office. Had a hell of a time finding it!

P-L-E-A-S-E believe me when I tell you that I’m the sweetest, most mild manner, and soft spoken little ANGEL in the world!


I pull into the parking lot, SLAMMED the door to my car, and STOMPED into the building, barking and growling like a MAD dog! I was sent directly to the supervisor. He awaited my arrival at the door and shook my hand with the sweetest smile on his face. I was foaming at the mouth with rage. Fangs in full view, I explained the nightmare I’d been going through, every single day for the past month and three weeks with them. He listened patiently until I finished, which took about 15 minutes.

When he was finished with me, I walked out PURRING like a pussy cat!! Haaaa

He was the kindest, sweetest, most thoughtful guy in the world! He looked at my record on his computer, and said, “Oh my, you do have a HISTORY!”

I will not have to pay a penny for two whole months for Roadrunner or my Time Warner phone service, PLUS, two supervisors will contact me in two days, and they will personally attend to my problem!

I’ll keep you kids posted to see if in the end, he spoke the truth, or with forked tongue!

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