Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
Playgirl's Mechanical World

Time Warner Problem Complaints

What a horrible experience it has been!

Tomorrow I'm STOMPING straight to Time Warner to tell them to take their shitty ass Time Warner phone as soon as possible and shove it!

For a month and three weeks, I've been going through utter frustration. The damn phone has DIED, causing Roadrunner to DIE also, EVERY single day for SEVEN weeks. When friends try to reach me, they tell me a recorder comes on that says, DUE TO NETWORK DIFFICULTY, YOUR PHONE CALL CANNOT BE CONNECTED!!!!!

I REGRET!!! Having canceled Southwestern Bell, and AT&T! The only reason I switched to Time Warner was because it was so much more inexpensive, but what good does it do me, if I cannot depend on it?

I'm so SICK and tired of listening to that damn recorder when I call on my CELL PHONE, to beg them to please connect my phone and Roadrunner access!

The HELLLLLL with Time Warner!!

Tags: problem, time, warner
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