Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
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Burning the American Flag

I had to start a brand new page because the prior entry of Monday, March 17th, 2003, became too long and confusing.

I'll start here, with you RADDY.

You wrote this raddy:
Burning the flag is a form of nonviolent protest, protected by judicial decisions. I can see it bugs you, but please don't lump it in with violent acts.

This is my reply to you:
No, it doesn't "bug" me, it leaves me livid with rage, to see the American Flag burnt, by these so called AMERICANS. I could care less if it's protected by a judicial decision. I find it disgusting. The American flag is a symbol of all those Americans who shed their blood for it. It's a blasphemy committed by cowards who have only taken from this country and who have never participated in fighting for this country's freedom. These pigs burn the American Flag, then go sit on their fat asses to watch TV.

I do most definitely "lump it in with violent acts." The violence committed by this act can't be seen with the human eye, but it's felt in the hearts of all Americans who love and remain loyal to this country, and especially by all those who served their country and survived and most especially by the families of those countless soldiers found in the cemetaries.

How is it possible, for some Americans to be so disloyal to this country, so Anti-American?

I'm so sick of hearing people from other countries speaking so ugly about the United States, and even sicker of Americans participating in the same. This country is far from perfect, but it's a paradise in comparison to other countries.

All who have fought for this country and shed their blood in each and every war, have been the backbone of this country. Any American who burns our American Flag, is a piece of delicate tissue paper that isn't worth spitting on.

Is Flag Burning considered Freedom of Speech?
Tags: 9/11, drama
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