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The enclosed is what I BELIEVE!

A few months ago, I wrote my views on this topic and almost had my head bitten of because I seemed to have offended a few. I stated that I would never again give my opinions on any controvercial topics. Sorry, but I WILL continue to give my opinions on this very troubling issue. I am not ashamed of being an American nor for remaining loyal to President Bush. The enclosed is what I BELIEVE. I don't want anyone giving their input as to my knowledge on spelling and history. I will typed EXACTLY what I feel. I am not concerned about looking at a dictionary, I'm a BAD speller and my english leaves much to be desired. You have your right to your opinions and I respect them, BUT I also have a right to my own!

I wrote this in my journal yesterday:
I am afraid. Tomorrow is March 17, 2003, Black Monday, the day when we'll find out if there's going to be a war or not.

I feel that nothing is going to stop it from happening. God be with our heroic troops, this country and President Bush.

This is what this person wrote about my above journal entry:
You forgot something!... God be with all the innocent civilian people of Iraq who might be in the way of USA bombs if your "great" country invades. Add the count (if there comes to war in Iraq) to those BIG numbers of innocent civilian people the US army killed in Afghanistan lately. Innocent people, with no weapons in their hands. The body count will surpass the number of innocent people killed September 11 in USA bigtime, it already did in Afghanistan but who cares about that in America? Did the news ever report about how many bombs were misfired and accidentally killed civilian people? I think not.

The big question for people like you who dont stand up for PEACE is... are American lives worth more than other nationalities? Answer: No. God isnt taking one side in a war, people will die on both sides. Remember these words Miss CareForDogsMoreThanHerBestFriends, they may change the world soon. "The biggest threat right now, to world peace, is President Bush" No use discussing it, because no matter how much most people dont like Saddam, it is not Iraq who wants to initiate a war that may evolve into World War 3. It is the US President who wants to invade Iraq and start the bloodshed. This may come as a surprise to people who live in the USA, but people outside USA gets a heap more unbiased facts about this situation. Including US attempts at creating FALSE evidence to motivate war. Disgusting!! The US government is not playing on a much higher level than the Iraq dictatorship. I say put Saddam and Bush in a boxing ring and let them fight each other to death if they want. That would save all the innocent people on both sides and avoid billions in costs to the USA. The war is expected to cost about 800 BILLION DOLLARS. The US economy is already in a CRISIS, have fun paying the bills in the future.


Of course there's concern for the innocent dying in Iraq, should there be war. BUT, American's priority is America. Saddam Hussein has proven to be a man without word or scuples. When President Bush SENIOR attacked, Saddam waved the white flag in surrender, when things became a bit too rough for him. He promised to abide by all that was expected of him. Just as soon as Bush brought our troops back, he started doing what he had promised NOT to do in the agreement. Bush should not have withdrawn until Saddam was down. When this coward saw that things were getting too dangerous for him, he hid behind warehouses where his innocent men women and children were in.

This man has done atrocities for YEARS to Americans, both on land and sea. He and bin Laden have cost Americans billions through their terrorist attacks. Don't you dare tell me that Saddam is a peace loving man. He's a terrorist and if he is not stopped this time, by Americans retreating, he will become an even bigger threat in years to come. Since the Gulf War, he has advanced his development weapons for mass destruction. He should of been stopped back then.

I will never forget how I saw those people, dancing in the streets. I'll never EVER forget one woman in particular, wagging her tongue in an elated chant at the deaths of so many Americans. It sickened me at seeing them burning the American flag, and stuffed dummys that were supposed to be President Bush and Americans! How sickening their happiness at the death of all the INNOCENT Americans (WHO DIDN'T HAVE WEAPONS IN THEIR HANDS ) that were murdered on 9 11. That WAS murder! Should there be war, their people will be for-warned. That sure is a hell of a lot more than the warning they gave Americans on 9 11. Believe me that with each American soldier casualty, you won't need to place a hanky in their hand to wipe their tears!

Charity begins at home. They wouldn't give it a second thought if they had the power to obliterate ALL Americans. I, as many, do want PEACE, but there comes a time when war is the only answer to preserve peace. And should Saddam deside to stay in Iraq, then this is the time. The lives of Americans changed BIG TIME on 9 11. Americans must act now, not so much for ourselves, but for the benefit of future generations. What a change from the day of 9 11, when their hatred for Americans was in plain view. NOW, they are picketing throughout the streets with signs stating that they don't want war. Why? Because they saw what happened to the Taliban in Afghanistan!!! America is the most powerful country in the world. It didn't become so by past generations sitting on their asses. What an insult to the MULTITUDE who have fought and died for this country, to bad mouth it.

I've noticed how Saddam has changed from combat attire to suit and tie. How funny he should do this now. The man keeps crying wolf. He's playing the harmless man NOW, because he sees that President Bush is not a man to play cat and mouse with. He sees that Bush is dead serious this time and there will not be a repeat of the times when Bush Senior was president. What I believe is that Saddam is counting on is to buy time by portraying the man for peace. I do believe that his plans are to play innocent and wait for re-election. Should President Bush lose, he of course, will hope a WIMP of a president will be elected. THEN he will start his terrorist attacks all over again. And don't you dare say that the man isn't the KING of terror to the entire world!!

You demean me for placing our soldiers, President and America in God's care. You say God will not be with us but instead with all the innocent civilians of Iraq. BULL SHIT! AMERICA is a country who the majority believes in God. Iraq has their own god. OF COURSE, "People like me" put more value to American lives and America. OF COURSE, people will die on both sides. This is what war is all about, this is what war has been all about since the beginning of time. And don't forget for once second that it WAS NOT PRESIDENT BUSH, but Saddam Hussien and bin Laden who started the bloodshed. These guys don't play by the rules of war. They play dirty. If Saddam Hussein slaughters his own people, what can we expect.

You say "the war will cost approximately 800 billion dollars, that our economy is already in a crisis, and for us to have fun paying for the bills". I say this to you: GLADLY! we Americans will pay the bill because there comes a time when FREEDOM is worth a hell of lot more than MONEY! Also, the terroist attacks of 9 11 was the culprit for the state of our economy, NOT President Bush.

Sorry, but I am an American and I love this country dearly and am for anything which will preserve its well-being. I could care less what anyone thinks about me. This is what I believe and nothing is going to change my mind. I am an AMERICAN, I am for AMERICA, I am for our SOLDIERS and I am for PRESIDENT BUSH. I hope that I'm WRONG, but I believe that war is inevitable and I honestly believe that if you are an American, then the time has come to STAND BEHIND OUR PRESIDENT'S DECISION and BEHIND OUR HEROES WHO ARE WILLING TO GIVE THEIR LIVES FOR THIS COUNTRY. They are over there in that God forsaken country and they NEED OUR SUPPORT!

Each and every person on this earth is a world onto himself, this is why we will never get along. You state that I care more for dogs. True, I care more for the children and the animals for they are the TRULY innocent ones. We, the ADULTS are the ones who have made a mess of this world.

For YOU and whomever eles is reading this entry, this link to one of my websites will let you know, EXACTLY how I feel about this BELOVED COUNTRY!


I believe this is a Benito Juarez quote and I believe in it with all the the depth of my being: I'd rather DIE than LIVE on my knees!

I will not delete your entries, no matter how hateful they may be. You have every right to state what your feelings are about this very serious issue, just as I do! By and by, what has happened to American Patriotism?????

I may disagree with what you have to say,
but I will defend to the death
your right to say it.
Voltaire 1694-1778
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