Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
Playgirl's Mechanical World

LJ Friend Deleted Me - DOUCHE BAG

One of my newer LJ friends dropped me from his FList, because he felt I was trying to get attention by my last post, and found it too sexual, a little nauseous, and even mentioned the word Porn.

Let me set the record straight.

Although, I sometimes behave in a naughty manner here in my LJ, I have never posted any thing even remotely connected to Porn. I have NEVER used foul language, unless you find the word ASSHOLE or DOUCHE BAG as foul language.

I consist of a potpourri of personalities, and honest to God, I never know which personality will emerge from day to day. Sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I feel like a clown, sometimes I feel like the savior of the world, sometimes I feel like a nun, and sometimes I feel like a SLUT.

There are times where I’ll make posts that are most controversial, which gets many of my LJ friend’s adrenaline going, while at other times I’ll post obnoxiously silly, or sensual posts.

As for trying to get attention, I believe this is true, both in my LJ, and my REAL life, and believe me, I’m most successful at doing so. And besides, I’m single, I’m young, I’m kind of cute, and I could give a horse buck teeth what people think of me!

I’m sorry this person ASSUMED so much about me, without ever giving it time to find out what I’m all about, because I really liked and respected this person, and enjoyed reading his LJ on a daily basis, just as I do with all my LJ friends.

Over half of the 500 and some LJ friends that I have now, are NEW. I will take this opportunity to stress this fact to ALL my other LJ friends:

It’s been a very long time since my obnoxious and many times naughty personality has been dormant, but it’s slowly coming back to life, and I’ll be making some incredibly provocative posts in the near future. If you can’t handle this, please delete me from your FList. I would very much appreciate you letting me know, so I can delete you, too.

If the person, who deleted me because he found my last post to be PORN, wishes to state a comment about this, he is most welcomed, because this LJ is open to everyone, and is 100% FREEDOM OF SPEECH and EXPRESSION.

The world is a MESS, and we sometimes need to forget this FACT. We sometimes have to have some funnies and naughtiness to make us forget, at least for a little while.

And remember, you and I will never meet in person, only spiritually in this journal, so in seeking your attention, as this person accused me of, is fine and dandy, since I ask NOTHING of you, only your friendship!!

By and by, I will NEVER change who I am for NOBODY!!

Tags: bag, donkey, douche, free, friends, holes, insults, livejournal, naughty, obnoxious, personal, playgirl, speech
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