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Republican or Democrat, Diabetes, Time Warner Problems

1. First of all, I've taken down my little Democratic Icon. I just don't know anymore! Let's see what happens from here to election time.


I went to an eye specialist early this morning for a thorough eye examination. I make sure to go for an examination since I'm a diabetic.

Guess what? I've STILL got 15/20 eye vision! Now do you see why I was an expert shooter on the M60 and M16?! I mean, I was BETTER then most of the guys!! If you ever feel like messing around with Playgirl, DON'T! ;o)

If you ever find yourself in need of a body guard, just give me a call! heeeee

3. Time Warner gets quite a chunk out of my monthly income. They don’t even wait ONE second for a payment from me, because I authorized them from the very beginning, to withdraw from my American Express.

I pay for digital cable service, Road Runner high speed online, high definition TV, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Digital Phone Service, Digital Video Recorder, plus I’m a big time customer for Movies on Demand. I switched from AT&T phone service to Time Warner around 3 months ago, to save money, which turned out to have been a BIG mistake!

It’s been a whole month, plus a week, that internet and my phone have CONSTATLY died on me. This has been happening EVERY SINGLE DAY for over a month, then they come up all by themselves! Ever since I started experiencing this problem, I’ve gone over oodles upon oodles of my cell phone minutes, because I’ve had to call Time Warner every single day. FUNNY how the lines are ALWAYS busy at my local Time Warner! Whenever my internet access and phone dies, they’re lines are busy, also.

I have had ZERO problems when it comes to my TV. I’ve had FOUR different techs come to my house to check things out, and each one does his little thingy, and STILL the problem hasn’t been solved!

I’ve had to call long distance everyday, to talk to a tech, because my local office lines are busy.

Guess what’s so strange? TWO THINGS! First of all, my cousin, who lives in San Antonio, has Road Runner and Time Warner phone, thanks to my recommending them to her a few months ago, has had the same problems as I’m having!

My friend Lolly is a Social Worker with the government, and she told me they're also having the same problem with internet connection. They don't have Road Rummer, but a different internet service provider.

I am very suspecious now! Is this going on all over the U.S.?

Have you experienced problems with the internet?

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