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Little Jessica Buried Alive, Stress, Brother Iraq

1. Question: What's the code for giving credit of icons in the VIEW ALL USERPICS page?

2. John continues pouting while coloring in his color book.
John claims his life should be spared because he's retarded in the head.
His dick sure wasn't retarded when he raped, murdered and buried little 9 year old Jessica alive.

I hope his life will be spared, so he can experience hell here on earth when the inmates in prison get a hold of him, as well as in his other life (hell), where all the demons will burn him alive for eternity!

3. As I mentioned before, I've been going through major stress and anxiety, so fierce that I developed a little bump on my thumb, right next to my nail. I finally agreed to take Xanax, but I'm afraid it hasn't agreed with my system, because although the stress and anxiety have subsided, it has pushed me into major depression. I'm not taking the medication anymore, and hopefully will be out of my system soon, so I can get to my old, obnoxious self again! :o)

4. My brother still hasn't reached his destination, and is still in a place called Paji in Iraq, which I feel is pretty dangerous, because they must depend on the Iraqi Army for their safety until they reach their true destination. He says the bombs are constantly heard all around.

5. Dad took his PSA test yesterday, and has an appointment with his doctor on the 15th of this month for the results. I have faith it will come out fine.

6. This video has enraged me. How I wish Mike Tyson would find this contemptible coward to settle the score for his dastardly acts toward this poor little old lady!

Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

Tags: brother, children, cowards, dad, death, donkey hole, iraq, killers, military, psa test, trials, video
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