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steppenwolff, I'm so sorry for what your brother had to endure and thank God he survived the terrible attack. Just as we must do everything in our power to protect our animals, we must also act responsibly as pet owners. There is no excuse for a persons pet to roam about the streets, terrifying people. There was absolutely no excuse for your brother to have gone through that vicious attack.

It's our responsibility to do protect the animals, AND to also insure the publics saftey against some of them who have a vicious temperaments. It's inexcusable for a pet owner to permit his animal to roam about the neighborhood.

As most people know, I ADORE animals and become pretty vicious when I see someone abusing them. I own 2 toy poodles, Mickey and Jewely ( I recently lost Penny of whom I still can't get over the heartache) and 7 outdoor dogs. All were homeless. 3 of these dogs are extremely territorial and I could never assume that they would not attack someone. The reason I can have so many dogs is because I have an acre of property. Half of my backyard has a 7 ft. rock fence and the other half has a 10 ft. chain link fence. My front yard is enclosed with a 10 ft. tall rod iron fence, which I keep locked. This is my way to permit my animals to roam about the yard and to protect innocent children, adults and other animals. It is my responsibility to insure the safety of my animals, plus the public. I also have a couple of cats and even a rabbit that I have no earthly idea where it came from. The rabbit stays in the front yard, but I'm terrified it will someday go to the backyard. My cats can take care of themselves, believe me!!

I LOVE Courtv!!! And especially anything having to do with animals. I record EVERYTHING! There's another DOG case I saw recently and will place the link at the bottom of this journal entry. It's about 2 Perro de Presa Canario, (Presa Canario dogs) Spanish translation: dogs of prey in the Canary Islands.

The owners of these dogs behaved in a totally irresponsible way. A poor woman had just gotten out of the elevator, walked down the hall and had just unlocked the door to her apartment, when the elevator door opened and the 2 dogs, along with the owner, stepped out of the elevator. The dogs attacked the woman and tore her to pieces. I don't believe it was the dogs fault, but the owners and the owner of the apartments for permitting these obviously vicious killer dogs to live there where there were so many tenants. Read about it HERE

Here is the link to one of my webpages which is dedicated to all my animals. AGAIN! You will find all their PICTURES, plus my Honey Bunny and Porky, cats and my hedgehog. You will also find a new page dedicated to my precious Penny where you will see a picture of her very last day ALIVE. If you visit this page, I recommend all animal lovers to have a hanky on hand to wipe the tears away.

You will also find links to sites that protect the animals. I've recently started reading about Pachamama, Mother Earth. I'm becoming very much disturbed about this issue I knew nothing about. I will place links here soon for you to read.

kalisphoenix, yes, evil people come in both sexes. Male and female. How frightening to know that a school teacher would do something like this, has everyday contact with children. I'm so glad she was caught and I hope she wasn't only slapped on the wrist, but punished to the full extent. When I read SCHOOL TEACHER, a terrible memory came to my mind of an incident which happened to me about a year ago at Jury Duty. I will most definitely write the whole SORDID details in my next journal entry.

judafive, I also make dog jokes and I know you love animals as much as I do. I can really tell! @:o)

I will never understand what kind of human maggots, these bastards are, who can kill animals. I'm so sorry about the experience you had with Brownie. I am trembling with rage, at what happened to your little dog. I hope your girlfriend agrees to another little dog. I can't remember ever not having a little pet in my life and I have lots of sad stories. When I was about 8 yrs. old, I had a chicken. Her name was Henny Penny. Henny Penny thought she was a dog because I had a big doghouse for her. Every morning I rush into the doghouse and play with Henny Penny, then gather her ONE brown egg. Then one day, she was gone. I looked all over the neighborhood for her and was heartbroken when I never found her. Years later, I found out what had happened to Henny Penny. My grandmother, who would always complain that the chicken would go and poop on the back porch of the house, gave her away to the guys who picked up the trash. I should never have learned the true story because I lost a hell of a lot of love for my grandmother. I swore that one day, when I'd grow up, I'd have my own place and I would have ALL the animals I damned pleased. I fulfilled that promise! By the way, ever since I lost Henny Penny, I NEVER ate chicken, turkey or ANYTHING with feathers again.

It never ceases to amaze me at how human like animals are. They feel jealousy, pain, love... all the feeling we feel. They are so smart, also. My animals have often taught ME lessons! The love they have for you is truly unconditional. When I was so sick with the flu, Jewely and Mickey layed on top of me, throughout my illness. I could tell that they were so worried about me. NOTHING on this earth brings more laughter and happiness than a pet!

Last thought is: Should you be in the market for a dog or cat, PLEASE don't buy them! PLEASE go to your local animal shelter and get it there. There are so many little animals there, waiting for you to pick them up and love them. PLEASE!

Here's the link to the 2 dogs the killed the lady

At present, I'm recording the Robert Blake Hearing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Robert Blake and wish him well! The VULTURES are already standing in line to get their grubby trembling fingers on his money by suing. DISGUSTING!

These are my favorite programs on TV and recommend them:
The System

Forensic Files

Dominic Dunne's Power Privilege and Justice

Catherine Crier Live

Cold Case Files with Bill Kurtis

City Confidential

And last but not least, my FAVORITE person in the world, from Fox News Bill O'Reilly I think I'll create a tribute or fan page for this controversially incredible man!!

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