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Walter Reed Hospital, Letter From My Cousin, Military Health Care Abuse

I shared with you in my last post, about my cousin's terrible experience at a military hospital, when she took her baby for emergency help. I've asked her to personally share with you what is going on with the soldier's families, when it comes to military health care.

Why is there enough money for the FAT CAT politicians to hike their pay checks at a whim, and there's no money when it comes to giving decent health care to or soldiers and their families?

By and by, my cousin is a vet who served her country for 4 years, too.

This is what she wrote:

I was very surprised to learn that the Commanding General at Walter Reed Hospital was former Ft. Sam Houston Post commander General Weightman. I had an opportunity to meet him and his wife during last year's Post Spring Fling. At that time I was so impressed by the fact that both General Weightman and his wife appeared to be so prim and proper and certainly gave an air of superiority above all in attendance. They greeted and talked to everyone of us as we arrived to the festivity. I would have never imagined that he would be capable of turning a blind eye to the way wounded soldiers were treated and cared for at Walter Reed Hospital. It was just very hard for me to believe that someone I thought was so noble and gracious could have such a cold heart.

Now that these findings at Walter Reed were brought to light, I would like for someone to shed light on another instance of medical abuse occuring with Military Health Care. I have been at two different military ER facilities during times when my kids need Urgent Care. It is well apparent that the Urgent Care facilities are put in the back burner. My kids and I have had to wait an average of 10 hours during each occasion of ear infections, cuts needing stitches, urinary tract infections, and pneumonia. We sit at the ER for all these hours enduring the aches and pains, hoping there isn't another trauma patient coming through the door (who naturally takes priority) that will further delay our chances of getting medical attention. Many of the people that I have seen at the ER who are there for the Urgent Care aspect of it are in so much pain that they simply give up and leave. I felt the same way the other night when my little one was in so much pain and all I could do was watch him ball up and scream. I asked the nurse if there was anything that could be done in order to speed up his waiting time. She was very rude to me and said that his case was not an emergency and that we just had to wait till we were called. I was so desperate that I was getting ready to leave and find medical care anywhere else but the nurse finally gave in to my wishes and catheterized my little one in order to get a urine sample. All of this to no avail because the sample turned out negative. I was discharged 10 hours later not knowing what could possibly be wrong with my son.

Yours truly,

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