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American Soldiers & Families 2nd Rate Health Care Treatment


I've known of this despicable problem for a very long time, but was afraid to bring it up, but can't hold my tongue any longer.

Not only are our wounded soldiers getting 2nd class citizen medical attention, but so are their families!!

Last night, my cousin stayed at the hospital for a total of 12 hours, from the moment she arrived, to the moment she left, until she got medical assistance for her 1 year old little boy. He couldn't urinate and when he tried he screamed with pain. She also had to take her other 2 small children, because she didn’t have anyone to take care of them at home.

After waiting for hours upon hours, she walked up the receptionist, frustrated, angry, exhausted, and scared for her baby, and told her that her son was in horrible pain, and she had waited for hours for help. The receptionist was extremely rude and cruel with my cousin. My cousin told her that her husband was among the many that were in Iraq, fighting for this country, and why the families of these soldiers were treated so badly when it came to medical services. She told her this was an emergency. The receptionist told her rudely that it wasn’t, and that she sure had an attitude. The one who had an attitude was the bitch. I'm sure she'd also have an attitude also if she was in my cousin's shoes! My cousin was terrified for her baby, because he cried for the entire time she waited for help!

I want you all to know, that it is a FACT that our soldiers and their families get horrible medical attention, and are treated like beggars!!

ALL military families go through this when trying to seek medical and emergency medical attention for themselves and their families.

Billions are being spent in Iraq, while Americans in this country, both military and civilians are going without proper or ZERO medical care. How is this possible in America?!

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