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Easter Bunny Changed to Spring Bunny

Easter Bunny - Spring Bunny

1. Now they’re after the Easter Bunny!

Apparently, some Jewish person living in Walnut Creek, CA. demanded 5 years ago that the name of our Easter Bunny be changed to the Spring Bunny, because he feared the city was for an event that was connected to religion. The city changed the name, and guess what? Now he wants the named changed throughout the country, too!!

We’ve got terrorists who are trying to wipe us out, tornados, hurricanes, world hunger, animal abuse, child rapes and murders, serial killers, illegal aliens, drug smugglers, unemployment, our soldiers being slaughter by the day in Iraq, and this jerk is worried about the Easter Bunny!

This person has too much time on his hands, and should find some other outlet to rid his personal frustrations. What these NUTS need to do is join the Armed Forces and go fight the enemy in Iraq.

P-L-E-A-S-E! Leave my Easter Bunny, my Christmas Wishes in stores, my penguins, my Nativity, my Christmas Tree, my IN GOD WE TRUST, my And Tango Makes Three little penguins, my Porky Pig, my Sponge Bob’s square pants, and my purple Twinky Winky Teletubby alone, damn it!!

2. My brother had to go to Kuwait first for some more training, before going to Iraq. He says they were in training, shooting up a storm, when these camels decided to pass by. They all stopped shooting until the camels passed! He was all excited because he got to see his camels.

He says he was really scared the first few days in Iraq, but after a while, he wasn’t afraid anymore.

3. Anna Nicole’s disgusting mother wants Anna body exhumed and buried in Texas. Anna’s EX-husband, who works as a construction worker, now wants his son Daniel’s body exhumed and buried in Texas!

Question: Both these people don’t have a penny to piss on. Soooo! If they were to succeed, who’s going to pay the astronomical bill?

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