Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
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John Evander Couey, Jessica Lunsford Murder trial

So upsetting. The John Evander Couey
Jessica Lunsford Murder trial has begun on Courttv.

From here on out, I shall save all court trial recording pertaining to horrific murders.

I'm watching Couey and listening to Couey's audiotapes. The mere sight of couey makes me physically ill. He looks like a little perverted weasel.

I'm watching little Jessica's dad, and he looks very different from the time his daughter was missing. His face seems to be made of stone, and his eyes are filled with pure loathing, and he keeps staring, without blinking once, at the loathsome little weasel, which doesn't have the balls to look at him straight in the face.

I really shouldn't watch child rape and murder cases, because they bring out the living beast in me. I feel like reaching inside my TV, grabbing him, and ripping off his repugnant penis and balls with my bare teeth, and ramming one of Grandpa's old splintering rake handles up his ass.

I don't want him to get the death penalty. I want him to live an agonizing life of sheer terror, and I want him raped by every single inmate in the penitentiary, 24 hours a day, for the rest of his disgusting life. I want him raped so much that he’ll beg for mercy, and get in return, the same mercy he gave to little Jessica. There is one thing, even the most vicious of inmates hate more and will not tolerate, are men who rape and murder a child. This man has got to be the maggot infested feces of the earth, because not only did he abduct this little girl from her own bedroom, but he raped, and buried her alive.

Jessica's Dad

John Evander Couey

Jessica Lunsford
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