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Anna Nicole's Death

I have taken Anna Nicole’s death as badly as if she were a member of my family.

It never seizes to amaze me at the viciousness of some people. I believe we have become a country of heartless, vicious gossipmongers, without compassion or respect for even the dead.

The mother of Anna Nicole turns my stomach, and I hope she never gets control of Anna’s little baby! God only knows what Anna had to endure while living in that horrible woman’s house. The video of Anna filled with so much hatred for this vile woman brings tears to my eyes! Even before I saw the video, I knew deep down in my heart that the mother only wanted Anna's money, and that she never cared one tooting whistle for Anna, or the baby.

A loving mother wouldn't care where her child was buried, but no so with this odious woman. Her daughter's body rots by the day, and she still fights where the body should be buried. She didn't give a damn about her in life, why so much concern now that her daughter is dead? I despise the bitch!

The only one my heart goes out to, is the baby, and Howard Sterns, because he’s the only one who really cared for Nicole, the baby and Daniel. He was always there for them; as her attorney, (which was a FULL time job, as her friend and confidant, and as her lover!

As for Judge Larry Seidlin, I really and truly loved him, because he conducted himself as a caring HUMAN, and not one of these straight laced judges who behave like Dick Chaney!! The vultures are calling him the Weeping Judge. Since when did it become offensive for any man, no matter what the profession, to cry?

How I wish I had saved all the recordings I had of the Anna Nicole Show, but then, how was I to know that this beautiful, heartbroken woman would go and die on us!

It disgusts me at how so many cockroaches are coming out of the woodwork, just to be on television and give their distorted opinions. One of the MANY who truly turns my stomach, besides the mother, is this guy who comes out with his face splattered with lipstick and makeup, and purple and fuchsia silks, and satins, and giant bows of colorful tulle around his neck, and speaks horrible lies about Howard Sterns, going so far as to accuse Howard of murdering Anna and Daniel. How I wish Howard would sue the hell out of him for vicious and dangerous slander; only problem is, I’m sure this jerk doesn’t have a penny to piss on!

I recall seeing one of the shows on the Anna Nicole Show, where this odious jerk decorated Anna’s bedroom with these horrible purple colors, and Anna was so upset that she ordered him to leave her house! Now he’s speaking of her as though they were bosom pals!

It’s obvious he could care less of Anna’s death, and the only reason he comes out on Fox News with the rest of the vultures, is to show off how pretty he is!!


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