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Prostate Cancer Warnings

Prostrate Cancer

I make this SAME post about PROSTATE CANCER every February and August, and will continue to do so ALWAYS during these months. Dad's appointment now falls in March, because unbelievably, I forgot last year’s appointment for August. So his Feb. appointment now falls on March 15. I can't believe I forgot it last year, and the only excuse I have is that I constantly have so many things on my mind.

My Dad has Prostate Cancer and has to go for his PSA test every February (March) and August (September). These two months are pure hell for my brothers and me, because through this test, it is known if my Dad will live or die.

My mother died last year, and wouldn’t be able to handle Dad dying, too. I do have four older brothers, but they live in other states and have their own lives to live. I don't believe I would survive losing my Dad, so it's been very important that I educate myself as much as possible on PROSTATE CANCER.

THIS IS AN UPDATE: Dad has another appointment for some kind of surgery on the 16th of this month, at 9:00 as an in out patient. It seems some suspicious anal polyps were found there. I pray to God the Cancer hasn’t spread there.

I will be explaining EXACTLY why my Dad's Cancer was detected too late, where he had to go through that barbaric operation to remove his prostate. When they removed his prostate, it wasn't contained. My Dad has an aggressive type Cancer.

To all my LJ male friends, PLEASE read everything I will be posting on PROSTATE Cancer. I will do this because I love you all very much, and I would NEVER want you or a family member to go through what my Dad went through, and still is!

Have a rectal examination once a year. This examination consist of your doctor putting on a rubber glove, and inserting his finger into your rectum to see if he feels your prostate feels hard, or is lumpy.

My dad had this examination by his general doctor who told him that the prostate seemed a little hard. The doctor didn't take this sign seriously, so my dad went one year, before he started feeling the symptoms of prostrate cancer which were frequent urination, then he found it to be painful because it became almost impossible to urinate, and a feeling of being constantly tired.

My dad then had to have a biopsy taken. When this was done, it was found that he had Prostate Cancer, and had to have his Prostate taken out immediately. When this was done, it was found that it was too late, because the Cancer was not contained, and it was found that he had an aggressive type Cancer.

The operation was horrible. I stayed with him 24 hours each day, and slept on a cot right next to him for three days and three nights at the hospital to make sure they took good care of him and it’s a good thing I did. I had to do everything for him because he wasn’t attended by the nurses aides. One time, this doctor went in with his students, and when he checked Dad’s bag where the urine collected, he found it was so full of urine that the bag look like a full blown balloon. He asked one of the students what the danger was of permitting this to happen. He told her that the urine was just about to travel back up the tube, and into Dad’s system!!!

Should you ever have a family member in the hospital, make sure you stay with him/her 24 hours a day, for as long as he/she is in the hospital.

I then took him to my home and between Grandpa and I, cared for him for three months, attending to his horrible wound which was from his navel, down to his penis. He was on a catheter all this time, and I had to attend change it many times per day. He was in agonizing pain.

He is to take the PSA test every 6 months, March and September.

My dad now has a hernia that expands his navel to the size of a golf ball, and he has a terrible ulcer, and hasn't been feeling too well, so I brought him home with me. He was so very sick, horrible stomach ache and vomiting. One of the times, I held him against me to take him to the bathroom, but he fainted on me in the hallway. I did everything in my power to hold him until he reached the floor. I grabbed my cell phone to call an ambulance, but when he came to, he forbid me from calling one.

UPDATE: The hernia operation was successful. He hasn't had the pain anymore but must still continue taking on a daily basis his Nexium capsules.

The American Cancer Society estimates that 27,350 men in the United States will die of Prostate Cancer during each year.

I realize it's too embarrassing for you to have a doctor examine your rectum, but please don't be. Most doctors do not like giving these examinations, and never remind their patients that they MUST have one every year. If you have a doctor like this, DEMAND he examine you, and if he says it’s a bit hard and doesn’t take it too seriously, like my Dads doctor did, DEMAND it be thoroughly checked IMMEDIATELY!!

Please educate yourselves TOTALLY on Prostate cancer for yourselves and for your loved ones. I have all these links for you (read about TEFLON), and I hope you'll read them, because I love you guys very much and want you to stay safe!

What makes the 16th of February so stressful is the fact that Dad will be having that surgery, and one of my brothers leaves for Iraq on the same day!

March 12 is PSA test time, and March 15 is his appointment with his doctor who will give him the results.

By and by, I DISPISE that doctor because he is an absolute jerk who has no compassion what-so-ever, and whose beside manner leaves MUCH to be desired! Dad MAKES me wait outside in the parking lot every time, because he's fearful I'll verbally attack that asshole of a doctor, and I sure as hell would!

Please pray to whomever or whatever you perceive to be your god, that all results come out okay.

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