Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
Playgirl's Mechanical World

Much Better

Hi mcoletti, risk misery, foreignlegion, rhythmphish, hmmvaa, pggmilltn, just_a_guy_03 and Hugs:

Thanks so much for the well wishes, I appreciate it!

Little did I know that I would continue being sick up until maybe yesterday. What ailed me went from horrible to a nightmare. I'm surprised I made it through. I was unable to even walk cause I felt dizzy and the nights were scary. I kept dreaming I was a huge soggy sponge. Has anyone ever dreamed they were a sponge? In my dream, I'd walk and do all things humans do, but in slow motion and as a sponge. What a strange experience. I have never had the flu shot because I behave very immaturely when given a shot. After this experience, I will take the shot next year, no matter what.

This little flu incident brought something to my mind and it's totally off the subject of the flu. I would like to know if you feel this particular fear of being in an auto or some other kind of accident and much to your dismay, you have on very unattractive underwear. It's funny, but when I buy underwear, it's not to please the opposite sex. I buy underwear for just in case I'm suddenly taken to the hospital. I take my daily shower not to impress anyone, but to smell nice, should I (God forbid) die unexpectantly. I've often wondered how the person that does an autopsy reacts when he gets a stinky body. Does he giggle to find drawers or socks with holes or unshaved armpits.

My greatest fear from this flu incident was to die in bed. I hate to admit this but I went an extra 3 days without taking a shower. Why? 'Cause I'm sure I would have pass out. I wasn't smelling funny anymore. I was smelling so rancid that I almost saw the fumes. When I finally did shower, I scrubbed every inch of my body until it was red. I sprayed myself with my favorite perfume, White Shoulders, which I use only for very special occasion. Thank goodness I'm alive and CLEAN now. I gave Mickey and Jewely their baths too because they had picked up my repulsive odor, too. Poor little things!

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