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Nursing Home

1. Once every two or three weeks I go visit my favorite elderly people at a nursing home.

Just as soon as I stepped foot in the place yesterday, I heard some woman hollering at the top of her lungs. The woman must have been in her 80’s, was in a wheel chair, and had no legs. As I passed her, she raised her fist and continued yelling the foulest words in the world. She had the kind of face one would like to smack!

I stayed for about half an hour visiting 3 different ladies, and I could see they were very nervous from the non-stop yelling of that horrible woman. I was tempted to grab a bar of soap and shove it down her throat, which made me feel like a dog, because she most likely was mentally ill. I wonder if she’s always had that gutter mouth.

On a happier note:

Congradulations to my favorite girls, The Dixie Chicks, for winning in every category at the 49th Grammy awards last night!

Not Ready To Make Nice
by the Dixie Chicks!

Toda Una vida

Join The NRA

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