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Skinny, Fat, Beauty In the Eye of the Beholder

Thin? Skinny? Sticks? What the hell goes on here?

Women who are plump, chubby, or fleshy find it insulting and unacceptable to be called specific offensive words to describe their physic. So why aren't such words as thin, skinny sticks, etc., not insulting to those of us who are? Why is it okay to express catty remarks about thin being ugly, and what makes you think we aren't considered sexy also, just because we're thin, skinny or skeletons?

To criticize and mock someone because of their size, whether it be small or large, is down right rude and cruel.

Let me educate you on the subject of weight and physical appearance, which seems to be an obsession to many. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and thanks God for this. Some find fat sexy, some find plump sexy, some find thin sexy, and yes, some find STICKS sexy, too.

What you should do is put more importance on what's in side the over all package of a person.

So why is there so much emphasis on the size of the package? I have always found that what's inside is what counts, and is what TRULY makes a person beautiful or ugly.

Just as there are girls who constantly diet because they are overweight, doesn't mean the SKINNY ones don't have a problem, also.

Whether we're OVERweight or UNDERweight, we all have some type of eating disorder. There are some of us who have health issues such as me. I have diabetes, and can't eat all the goodies I'd like to, because if I do, I will DIE. What would I give to be able to eat a WHOLE banana instead of half, or a bowl of Fruity Pebbles or a flour tortilla, but I can't! I HATE not being able to eat TWO regular size pieces of pizza. I hate having to settle for only ONE SMALL slice and then having to go out and run in hopes of bringing my blood sugar down!

I don't call overweight people all those RUDE and NASTY words overweight people find so offensive, so why do you think you have the right to degrade those of us who are underweight?

Let’s get over ourselves! There are MANY more things of importance that need attention, than to be so concerned how sexy you are because you have FLESH on your bones or not!!

None of us have the right to demean and insult thin people or big people. It really doesn't matter what size any of us are. When our day comes to die, we’ll all be equally the same – BONES!

NONE of us are perfect, and besides, there's always someone out there who finds us SEXY, no matter what SIZE we are!

What are your thoughts on the horizontal size of a person?!

2. Brasilian beauty Taiza Thomsen, Miss Brasil 2002, has been missing since January 27, 2007, and might be a Victim Of Human Trafficking. I hope they find her alive and well!


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Manhã de Carnaval
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