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Buried Alive, True or False, Courthouse Parking Space



Playgirl's 2nd True or False Question

I'll let you know in my next post,
if I told the truth or I fibbed!

I suddenly heard a loud thump,
and everything went pitch black.
I was buried alive!!

Just my little PET PEEVE for today:

I drove into the County courthouse parking facility, pushed the little red button to get my parking ticket, and then proceeded driving, with mounting frustration because the place was packed with parked cars. Round and round I went, until I had driven all the way up to the last parking floor which was number SEVEN. OMG! I finally saw ONE empty parking space, but when I attempted to park my car, I couldn’t because this huge truck had parked a quite a bit sideways, taking up 1 ½ of the parking space!

I was really fuming now, because I had to drive all the way back down and start all over again, in hopes that someone had pulled out and left a free space to park. I was in luck this time, because as I drove to the THIRD floor AGAIN, I found an empty parking space.

There’s this sign right next to the elevator that says that if anyone finds a vehicle parked in a way that takes up two spaces, to report it. They will have to pay a fine of $25.00 for this violation. I was very tempted to report the truck, but I didn’t. I would have felt like a dog, had I done so, because I started thinking to myself that those $25.00 could better be used for the family meal by the jerk who two 1 ½ of the parking space provided.

I wonder why some people do these things. Have they no consideration, or are they unaware they’ve done this, because they have so many things on their mind?

Playgirl's 1st True or False Question:
Tommy's Death: True or False?

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A música verdadeira do meditação.

Join The NRA
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