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January 21, 2007
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I woke up at 3:30 this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. Why? Because of the horrible crying sounds outside from cats in heat, and I knew there would be more innocent, unwanted little kittens coming into the world to suffer and die!

I’ve already spayed and neutered all of my stray 16 cats, but now I’ve seen about 4 more cats that I’d never seen before. I couldn’t get to the phone fast enough this morning to call my vet and make an appointment. The soonest he could give me was until Feb. 2 at 8 AM. Thank God he has compassion for me and the animals, because he charges me so very little!

The HELL with the Humane Society! They could give a horses buck teeth about helping with these stray animals! They only have a FEW trappers for the entire city, and will not help you in any shape or form in having them fixed! I had to buy my own trapper and I’m having them spayed and neutered, and micro-chipped out of my own pocket. I have no other choice in the matter, and will continue doing it! Besides, I get great satisfaction from knowing that I am responsible for making so many little lives so much happier, by feeding them well, providing fresh water ALWAYS, and lots of LOVE!!

Now I’ll have to grab my trapper and try my best to trap these cats before they produce more kittens! Why it is that people will not take the time to fix their cats?! There is no way in hell I can either afford to feed and micro-chip anymore cats. Besides, if I have more stray cats around, I’m sure someone will report me for having too many cats and make me get rid of them!

If there’s anything I want to accomplish most in my life, is to get the message out to everyone, to please have compassion for our animals, and the only way to do that is to do your part in capturing them and having them fixed. There are so many little animals who are suffering hunger and thirst, and in the end a horrible death.

Please have compassion in your hearts for our animals! I, and all those who are truly animal lovers can’t do it alone.

When I take these cats to be fixed in February, I know I’ll have to keep them and care for them, if they have no where else to go. There’s no way in hell I’ll be able to just throw these little lives away!

I already have 16 cats and 10 dogs! With these extra 4 cats that I’ll try and capture to have fixed, I’ll have 20 cats and 10 dogs!!! Every single one of my animals is a stray, except for my little dog Jewely!

Life is precious for everyone and everyone wants to live, even all those with 4 little legs!!

It’s been a cold winter this year, and the old igloo doghouse I bought last year hasn’t been enough. So, Grandpa has been working like crazy, making the cats a warm place to sleep. I bought the old carpet remnants at the 2nd Hand Shop, and the sheetrock at Goodwill.
This is what Grandpa made, and all the cats love it!!

St. Francis of Assisi - The patron saint of animals and ecology.

PLEASE watch this youtube video. It’s called DIRTY OLD STRAY, and every time I watch it, I sob uncontrollably. More people have to care about these little animals.


Pets Killed At Shelter Shocking

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Boa canção do amor Brasileira
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