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Playgirl Orgasms and Porn

It's wet and cold outside, which had everything to do
with getting me all hot and bothered as I lay in bed early this
morning. So I decided to do what I'm best known for doing...

Creating ORGASMS and PORN!

PORN FOOD that is!

heh heh

January 21, 2007
I’ve deleted many people from my Flist, and will continue deleting more. Why? Because they haven’t updated for a very long time.

I’ve added 10 brand new ones that I found interesting.

If you are among those 10 I've placed in my Flist, and would like to be deleted, please
CLICK HERE, to let me know. I’ll delete you immediately.

Now, on with the show!

It only takes about half an hour in preparing the mix, an hour and 10 minutes of rising, and 15 minutes of baking, to create this delicious, gigantic, yeast Cinnamon Roll.

I hate to kneed by hand, so I use my Kitchen Aid to do the job. I use a giant pizza pan to bake it in, because the dough grows and grows! :o)

It came out moist and delicious! Instead of using a thermometer to measure the heat of the liquid, I use my little pinky finger.

Soon I'll make some Beer Yeast bread and post pics for you.

Pump Up Jam
Techno Music

Join The NRA
"The Right Of The People To Keep and
Bear Arms, Shall Not Be infringed."

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