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Dear Diary, Bathtub Accident

Dear Diary:
1. I do believe I'm gonna, accidentally on purpose, start falling into my bathtub more often!! I never realized just how many people cared about me!

I've always had a hard time falling asleep, but I sure I didn't last night. Just as soon as I hit the pillow, I zonked off. All during the night, Glory kept extending her arm across the bed to pull my hair to see if I was alright, and Grandpa kept walking into my bedroom and waking me up, too!

Glory called my boss early this morning and told him what had happened and that I wasn't going in to work. Poor Glory and Grandpa barely slept last night because of me, and Glory had to be at work by 6 this morning. She's been calling to see how I'm doing, as have Lolly and Norma.

2. It never siezes to amaze me how little animals know something is not right. I slept most of today WITHOUT sleeping pills or Tylenol PM, with my babies cuddled right up agains me! The bump has gone down quite a bit, but it still hurts when I touch the spot where I got the hard impact. The only way to describe the way half of my forehead looks is like when someone is dead in their coffin, and they have that certain color that looks greenish, grayish DEAD! My left ear and left eye don't hurt anymore, but when I touch my whole ear, and the flesh surrounding my eyeball, it feels a little numb, and the little bump that for whatever reason came out above my right eyebrow, has gone away.

My neck, upper back, and the heels of my feet are sore. When I fell completely, and so quickly into the tub, my neck was bent, as was my back, and the heels of my feet hit the tile above the wall next to the tub. It's a miracle I didn't break my neck! Had you seen the exact comical position I ended up in, you would have died laughing I'm sure! Perhaps tomorrow I'll start laughing too, but for right now, I can't!

I never took an Aspirin or Tylenol since I had this accident yesterday, and I feel it was the best thing I did, because without it, I was totally aware of what I was feeling yesterday and last night, so if I suddenly started feeling more pain, I could tell Glory to take me to emergency. But thank God I'm doing better.

3. Isn't it strange how we spend astronomical amounts of money to have our homes protected from intruders, when we could very possibly do something stupid inside the house, as I did, and end up killing ourselves?!

4. This bathtub accident was so bad, that I may never take a shower again! I hope you kids won't mind Playgirl being a PU STINK POT! ;o)

5. Lolly, Glory and Norma dropped by after work to see how I looked. Even my boss dropped by unexpectedly! I wonder if he was suspicious that I just wanted to ditch work today, and tried to catch me in a fib!! Anyway, when he saw my head, I’m sure he felt like a dog, because look at the little gift he brought me!

This little dog that actually moves his mouth and sings "And They Call It Puppy Love!" Grandpa just can't get over how cute it is, and I've decided to give it to him. Of course, I'll never let my boss know!

6. Again, I want to warn you kids about being extra careful when taking a shower, and please spread the word to your loved ones!! No matter how much in a hurry you are in the morning to shower, please take it very slow. I still can't believe I injured myself so badly, because I was bending right over the tub, and wasn't that far from the water spout and tub floor. How easy it is to end up killing yourself in the bathroom by taking a wrong step!

7. This is the 3rd serious accident I've experienced since I moved into this house. The 1st one, I accidentally dropped a can of Chipotle Chile sauce on my little toe.


The 2nd one and this one has happened around two times, I came very close to chocking to death when I took a sip of my very HOT coffee and had it going down the wrong tube of my esophagus. And now this. Here I've been watching my feet and my throat, and never in my life expected to someday have a serious accident on my head! I find it UNREAL, that I hurt myself much worse in my bathtub yesterday, than I did when I first jumped out of an airplane and ended up being dragged, forehead and nose, for quite a ways! haaaaaaa

8. When my time comes to die, the only thing I ask the Lord, is to let me know at least 24 hours before my due date, so I can eat all the chocolates, Gummy Bears, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Mexican sweet bread and Piggy Cookies in the world! :o)

To those LJ friends who showed concerned, I love you, I truly appreciate it, and I'll keep you in my prayers to stay safe!

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