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I behaved like a royal bitch yesterday,
when I told a friend to tell her sister
to keep her mouth shut while visiting me!

The sister brought me a little pillow as a gift.

Here Jewely is inspecting it.

Here you can see how upset my baby Jewely is
with me for being such a terrible person!!

AAA's sister only spoke a few words, all
the while she visited with her sister.

I'm so ashamed! I should be horse whipped!

I finally went and got my expensive
bottle of Jose Cuervo 1800 Tequila
and made them both a Margarita!

Oh, and [info]moon_shine asked me in that post,
how I made my famous Margaritas! :o)

This is the best recipe I've found,
for the best Margarita in town!
Margarita Recipe


Tags: bitch, embarressed, gift, jewely, margaritas, moonshine, pictures
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