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Tommy's Death - True or false


Thank you kids, for taking the time to to participate in my TRUE OR FALSE question.

It was not a tale. It is true, and I actually experienced this:

Mrs. Doe was a plump elderly lady, with the bluest, most beautiful eyes I’d ever seen. It was like looking up into a clear blue sky. Tommy, who was 40 something, was extremely slender, almost skinny. When I barely moved into my house, they both came over and introduced themselves. She brought me a homemade apple cake. Never had I tasted a more delicious and original apple cake. We became good friends after that.

Mrs. Doe worked at a grocery store in the bakery section. She would catch the bus to go to work whenever she was needed.

Before the day Tommy died, Mrs. Doe called me to ask me if I could keep an eye on Tommy because he was sick, and she had been called to go work that Sunday. I told her I would.

I went over, opened the back door and as I kept walking closer to his bedroom, I continued calling out his name, and he wouldn’t answer. I went to his bed and shook him to wake up. He did, and I asked him if he was ok. He kept mumbling things to me, and I assumed he had somehow gotten a hold of some Vodka, and was drunk. I asked him if he need anything and he continued to mumble and went to sleep. I left.

That night, Mrs. Doe called me to go help her explain that I wasn’t under the rugs. She told me that he was crawling on the floor, calling my name, insisting that I was under the rugs. She was sure he had somehow gotten a bottle of Vodka and was drunk. I went over and helped her put him to bed, all the while explaining that I wasn’t under the rug!

Sometime during the night, without his mother hearing him, he got up, walked outside, and ended up in the front porch of the house, right under his mother’s bedroom window. It was freezing that night. We have no idea how long he lay there on the porch. When Mrs. Doe woke up early that morning, she noticed Tommy wasn’t in his bed, and started looking for him throughout the house. Finally, she went opened the door and found Tommy there. That’s when I had just come out of my house to get to work and she yelled for my help.

When I saw him, I quickly got down on the porch and yelled to his mother to go grab a blanket, which she did. Mrs. Doe was hysterical. I told her to go call an ambulance, while I rubbed his entire ice cold body as hard and quickly as I could to get the blood circulating. He was staring at me. I was sure he was alive. I then pulled him and cradled him hard against my chest, begging him to wake up as I rocked him back and forth. It’s strange, but we were staring eye to eye, but I finally realized he was dead. I yelled for Mrs. Doe to come, as I continued to cradle him, and told her he was gone. Between the two of us, we held him until the ambulance finally came and they pronounced him dead. Later a black ugly van came and put him in a bag and took him away. I then called work and told them I wouldn’t be able to go, and stayed with Mrs. Doe.

Mrs. Doe was the nicest lady in the world. She had suffered so much throughout her life. I was blessed enough to know her for about 6 months. She eventually sold the house, because she said she could no longer live there, and moved to Farmington. She had shared with me that her husband had shot his brains out in that same house, a few years before. She would tell me that he was a very good man, but was also an alcoholic.

She was such an interesting lady, and would tell me about the hardships she and her husband had gone through during the Depression, and how she would pull weeds and boil them to make soup for the family, because there was nothing else to eat. She taught me so many ways to be thrifty, and so many more valuable lessons.

The tragedy of this story is that Tommy wasn’t drunk at all those two days. What had happened was that he had suffered a stroke, and that’s why he was mumbling, and later hallucinating.

She sold the house to a dentist and a teacher.

Manhã de Carnaval
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