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Old Investment House


Finally, there may be hope for me.

Some of you may recall when my 4 brothers and I bought in July of last year, an old, very ugly, and run down house (dirt cheap) in a very poor section of my city, as an investment. Later, they all wanted out because it looked like the medical school would never be completed, so I had to get a loan and buy them out, because I still felt that someday the school would be completed, and the property value on this old house would go straight up.

I had some very minor repairs done on that house, and have been renting it ever since, and with the rent money, I pay the monthly payments on it.

Well, it's quite possible that my brothers will eventually eat crow, 'cuz looky what today's newspaper said:

Craddick 'committed' to El Paso Medical School

If and when this school is completed, I'll wait a while until the value goes up, and then I'll sell it. The house is worthless, but the property will someday be a little gold mine! I hope this goes through quickly, because I just don't know how much longer I can hold out. I'm growing weary of literally counting pennies!

This is the post I made back in July about my predicament:
That Old Monstrosity of a House

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