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I still find THIEBES a despicable person, it is obvious that if he and I were to discuss this topic in person, he would smack me. This man has nothing constructive to contribute, only lashing out at people who may see things differently from his own views.

saraslash, taliba, donovan_love, captainmplanet, steveisright and mcoletti:
I respect the manner in which you presented your views to me. Thank God we live in a country where we can express our feelings without be decapitated, as other tyrants do with their citizens. Freedom of expression is what makes America unique.

It's true that one must never discuss religion nor politics and this will be the last time I express my views on politics. As Rodney King said, "Why can't we just get along" I suppose it has become impossible. If some neighbors, families and Americans can't get along, then how can we expect countries to get along. My heart aches for myself and everyone eles, who has no power to stop the bloodshed that's going on in this world. I now, upon my waking moment from sleep, give thanks to God for being alive and in a still existent world.

All the things that are happening, cannot be controlled. It is the prophecy, and who can control what was written by a force more powerful than us, since the beginning of time. For once in my life, I give thanks that I am one of the vast majority, who was born with minimal intelligence and who is DIRT CHEAP with only a couple of dollars in my purse. Those who are RICH and considered brilliant and who have run the SHOW of life, have truly made a mess of things.

Taliba, you asked why Americans are only sad when Americans are killed. My answer to you is that Americans are sad when human beings are killed, no matter from what part of the earth their from. We as Americans aren't so self centered that we would cry only for our own. We cry for the human race, because we are ALL afraid and saddened by negative world events. War is a horrible destructive thing which has always destroyed the innocent. Yes, in war, the innocent have ALWAYS paid with their lives, just as the soldiers of past, present and no dought future. I recommend you go and look at THE WALL. This is what war is all about. The only thing I really feel is that this war, will be our last. Nobody will win.

To be prepared for war is one
of the most effectual means
of preserving peace.
George Washington

When princes think more of
luxury than of arms, they lose
their state.

I stand firmly on however MY President chooses to deal with whatever problems America faces. My prayers are for PEACE on this BALL we call on earth. This will be my last entry on the woes of the world. Controversy

My next entry will be about CONSTANT.COM, AGAIN Yippee!!!!!

Oh, and by and by, mcoletti, I think you're the most intelligent man I've ever encounter. I love lurking behind the shadows, reading you journal. I also think you're a real cutie!! @:o)

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