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O-D'd on Sugar

I made this post last night at 12:36 am, which has a couple of my much loved LJ friends worried this morning:

I couldn't help it, but this evening I ate a Mexican cookie called Maranito. It was packed with sugar. Real sugar. I shouldn't have eaten it because I now feel awful.

I'm so tired and sleepy, but my stomach is terribly upset. I hear a ringing in my ears, and I can hear my heart pounding loudly in my head.

It's my blood sugar which has gone totally crazy.

I shouldn't have eaten that Maranito.


One of these little piggy's is what made me so sick last night! :o(

Please don’t worry, I’m ok.

Grandpa loves these Mexican cookies called Maranitos, so I always buy a couple for him at this Mexican bakery. I only eat sugar free stuff, but last night when I saw the adorable little piggy, I just couldn’t resist and ate one with a glass of milk. There’s just no comparison from stuff made of REAL sugar and Splenda. I was in 7th heaven as I savored every little bite.

The mistake I made yesterday was that I didn’t go out and run as I usually do. I had eaten a whole banana with cereal in the morning and some pizza for lunch. For supper I had two pieces of bread with peanut butter and sugar free jelly, and then I ate that cookie. All the carbohydrates I ate throughout the day, turned into sugar, and that cookie just shot my blood sugar to the sky.

I started feeling sleepy, which is one of the signs for me that my blood sugar out of control. What I should have done, after I took my diabetes pill, was get on my treadmill and start running, but I was so tired that I just went to bed at around 10. I believe it was 12:30 PM, when I woke up feeling awful. My stomach was terribly upset, and when I got up to go to the bathroom, I felt dizzy, and I could hear this loud ringing in my ears, and the sound of my heart pounding in my head. I was so sleepy that I just went back to bed and hoped for the best.

Looks like I made it because I’m still alive and kicking this morning. Anyway, as they say, only the good die young, and I’m not good! :o)
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