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Screw You

I was screwed.

¿Por qué será que hay veces que lo barato sale caro?

I had the same two guys that redid and painted the walls in my dining room, paint the outside of my house.

I hired them again, because they did such an excellent job on my dining room, and put them to work two weeks before Thanksgiving to paint the outside and to do some minor repairs. I was sure he'd be through by Thanksgiving since he was coming Monday thru Saturday. Christmas came and went, and here we are January, and I see very minute progress. It finally hit me that he has been milking me horribly. It's not really his fault but my own for being so stupid and so trusting.

I made the mistake of agreeing to pay the guy $100.00 per day, instead of a contract. He comes alone, and rarely brings the other guy.

Let me explain that El Paso is a very poor border city where the minimum wage is $5.15, so $100.00 per day is an excellent wage that I've been paying. The man doesn’t own a vehicle, so what I did was drive the guy in my old truck to Home Depot and Lowe's to buy all the paint and all the material that would be needed.

I trusted the guy so much, that I would send him to buy, at a near by place, whatever extras was needed for the job. Yesterday I told him to take my truck to buy an extra door knob and to make me extra keys to all my 3 wooden doors and all 3 of the wrought iron screen doors. He brought me back the receipt showing he'd paid $21.65 for the door knob and the rest for the extra keys. The knob was old and was made of what looks to be porcelain, but had been painted white, and had the paint chipped. I felt it was way too much money for an ugly used door knob, so when he left to continue working, I looked at the receipt more closely and noticed the paper was old, and the date and the amount had been changed. After placing the receipt against a light bulb, I could see that the date was originally 1-3-01, and the total amount was $10.65, tax included. It was obvious upon close inspection that he had changed the 1 into a 2, which made it look like a Z, and where it said Hardware set, had been changed from 1 to 2 by making it look like a Z, also. On the date, he changed the 3, into an 8, and the 1, into a 7. There's no way I'll be able to use this receipt for tax purposes in my business!

I forgot to mention that he brought the other guy with him yesterday. I didn't say anything to him, but when I got home, I told him to forget the intricate work on the exterior walls of the front and side of the house, and leave the wrought iron bars on the windows alone, because I had to come up with the property taxes by the end of this month, and income taxes by April. I told him I would hire him again when I could afford it, (which was a lie on my part about hiring him again). I really didn’t have to tell him WHY, but I did because I didn’t want to offend him and cause greater problems in my life. Well, he took it as an insult, and made it very clear by his actions, that he didn't like this at all, and he gave me an ugly look and told me sarcastically that he would start painting the front today, if that’s what I wanted. I told him no, that he could start tomorrow, since it was already 3:30 PM. I left him and went into my computer room to do some work, when I heard him behaving in a way which I felt was violent. He was in my hallway, putting the knob on one of the hallway door. He yelled at the other guy in Spanish (they can't speak English), and in a foul language so I could hear him, that the reason it has taken him so long to work on this damn old house was because everything was old and crooked and it was impossible to work on it (yes, my house is over 50 years old, but it's as solid and well made as can be!!). I heard him throwing violently the nails on my hardwood floor, and the hammer. I started shaking with rage, as I tried to continue my work on the computer, but he went on and on throwing stuff on the floor. I flipped the volume on my TV louder so I wouldn't be able to hear him, and he yelled even louder. I finally couldn't stand the stress and rage that was building up in me, so I got up, walked into the hallway and shoved the money to him for his day's pay, and yelled at him to get the hell of my house now. The jerk went into a full fledged tantrum and started telling me horrible things as he and the other guy walked out the front door in a rage.

Grandpa would tell me that he would arrive anywhere between 10 and 11 in the morning, and leave by 3 or 4 o'clock. This is why he would accomplish so little. As God is my witness, and may lightening strike me dead if I'm fibbing, when I say that I ended paying the guy over $5,000.00 for having my house HALF way painted. Had I just hired a reputable company to do the job, it would have come out much less, and the entire job would have been finished before Thanksgiving.

Grandpa now tells me that the man would talk to him in a very vulgar and disrespectful way when I was at work, and wants me to have all the locks changed again, because it's possible the jerk made extra keys for him. He's right, and this coming Saturday, I'll attend to it, for Grandpa's safety while I'm at work. When I'm home there will be no problem because I'm fully capable of protecting what is mine.

I'm sharing this horrible and embarrassing experience with you, so you can learn from my mistake and not ever be ripped off as I was. Never go out in the streets looking for hired help in order to save a buck. Go to a reputable establishment, and hire the guy by contract, and not by day. It will come out much cheaper in the long run.

Grandpa told me from the very beginning not to trust the man, and I didn't listen. It has never been in my nature to be so trusting, but the guy won my trust somehow. This was a big mistake on my part, but I've learned yet another HUGE lesson.

I mentioned before that I had gone down town, close to the border where many men gather in hopes of someone picking them up to work. That's where I got these two guys that day. I had also mentioned that I didn't like the guy entering the room in the pic. Little did I know that the one with his back to the camera, would turn out to be the asshole and not the other one.

Perhaps the man lost even more than I did, because I was going to continue hiring him again to tear down the old backyard porch, and build a new one, and put a large deck in my back yard, plus completely re-do the walls in my kitchen. Plus I would have recommended him to my friends.

This is why I decided to hire them to paint the exterior of the house. The guy had won my trust by doing such an excellent job on my DINING ROOM.

My house is 2556 square feet, and this is what I paid over $5,000 for, which doesn't even include the material I had to buy:

1. Painted ONE side of the house, and the back side walls in the back of the house.
2. Take of the rod iron bars attached to my windows and paint them. A total of 9 windows.
3. Fix the wood that protrudes from the roof in the back of the house.
4. Taken off the 2 back door rod iron screen doors, painted, and replaced the locks because I lost the keys.
5. Two top of the line door knobs with keys for the two back doors.
6. Add a lining to the two back doors and threshold so drafts can’t enter the house.
7. Replace the knob of the basement door along with keys.
8. Replace one door knob in the hallway.

Look how ugly the knob and plate are.

I hadn't told him yet, that I wanted him to tear this porch down,
and build a new one. I don't understand why he would make it
uglier by splattering white paint on it.

Toda Una Vida
Toda una vida estaría contigo,
no me importa en qué forma,
ni cómo, ni dónde, pero junto a tí.
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