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A touch of road rage - AGAIN

I was waiting at an exit for the street to clear so I could cross all the way to the opposite lane. I looked to the left, and I looked to the right, and hit the gas peddle to get across because I noticed this white van was creeping along like a turtle. When I got across, I looked in my rearview mirror and saw him pulling up speed when he saw Id gotten in front of him. I continued looking in my rearview mirror and saw him speeding even faster toward me. He obviously didn’t like me getting in front of him. I hit the gas peddle to go much faster. He went even faster and started tail gating me. The faster I went, the faster he went.

I got angry. I braced myself and suddenly hit my brakes as hard and fast as I could. (INSPECTORJURY taught me how to do this!) I heard a horrible loud screeching sound from his brakes. He almost hit me and I didn’t give a damn if he did!

I continued on my merry way, and the last thing I recall was looking into my rear view mirror and seeing an ugly face filled with terror.

I’m positive he will never tail gate anybody again. heeee heeee

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