Playgirl's Mechanical World (playgirl) wrote,
Playgirl's Mechanical World

Nursing Homes

Try to visit a nursing home in your area as often as possible. I bet you didn't know that many of the patients are not only elderly, but quite young, also.

The tragic part is that many are just dumped there by their family, and never visit or provide for them again. I see many of them wearing raggedy clothes, clothes that have been left behind those who have passed away.

Whenever I go to the 2nd hand store, or Goodwill, I make sure to buy a few articles of clothes for them, especially sweaters and blankets, and take them when I visit those who never have visitors. I stay maybe 30 minutes every two weeks. Some are so bad off because of Alzheimer’s that they give no reaction at all.

I realize many of you never realized that these people are alone in the world, so I'm just letting you know what I have seen, and hopefully you will also try to find a little time from your busy lives and visit them. And if you do, try to buy a little something for them to wear. It only costs a few minutes of your time, and a few bucks.

Tags: 2nd hand, alzheimer, nursing homes, thrift stores
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